Are you worried about termites attacking your Sydney home, and maybe asking yourself “what equipment do you use to find termites”.

Your local Jim’s Termite & Pest Control technicians are equipped with the latest equipment to find termites in Sydney, Wollongong and Newcastle.

Equipment used to find termites in Sydney has only slightly changed over the years and still the most effective way to find them is through a good investigation by an industry expert. All of our Jim’s Termite & Pest Control technicians are experts in termite detection and have years of experience in finding and treating termites in Sydney.

Typically a good torchmoisture meterdonger and picker are typically used on all termite inspections and investigations. An iPad or iPhone may also be used to take photos and write reports. If the technician finds high moisture readings by the use of a moisture meter but termites are not visible then the technician may use a Termatrac to detect any termite movements in the walls.

What equipment do you use to find termites in Sydney and how is it used?

Bright torches are use to look at all of the walls and shine light into dark places, this enables the Sydney Jim’s Termite & Pest Control technician to check for termite workings or marks on the walls that will be the first signs of termites.

A moisture meter will be used on all inspections and as the name suggest it detects moisture inside the walls. It does this by taking readings up to 3cm inside the wall without leaving any marks on the walls. If high moisture levels are detected then it is a good indication that there is some sort of moisture issue in the walls. This can be something simple like a water leak or it could be something more sinister like termites.

A moisture meter is brilliant at finding termites and termite colonies that have set up a colony inside your Sydney home but are hidden away.

If the technician suspects termite damage or termites hiding in your wall then a picker will be used to create a small hole in a suspect area. If there are live termites, soldier termites will come to the hole and defend it, followed very quickly by worker termites carrying materials that they will use to fill the hole up with.

Even if termites are not visible straight away the technician may complete the rest of the inspection and come back to this point to check later. It is also good for you to closely monitor these areas and as soon as you see activity then call your local Sydney Termite control technician immediately.

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Using Radar technology to find termites in Sydney

The latest piece of equipment used to find termites in Sydney is a Termatrac. It has three functions, firstly a moisture meter, secondly a thermal detection device and thirdly and most importantly a radar.

The third function being radar actually works by penetrating the wall and can detect a single termite walking up the inside of a wall. Termites waddle when they walk which is different to ants that scurry and other insects. This function is extremely useful when trying to detect the very early stages of termites attacking your home.

Termite Detection Technology
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