For professional and experienced pest control Wollongong, you can’t go past Jim’s Termite and Pest Control. Have you found nasty pests that have crept into your home or workplace? Call Jim’s today on 131 546 for prompt attention.

Jim’s Pest Control has fully qualified and experienced local experts in the Wollongong area.

Our team can help you with your termite and pest control problems, and all you have to do is call us on 131546 for friendly and professional service.

We have been providing pest control services in the area for the past 9 years and fully understand the pests that are around in the Illawarra area.

Locals trust that we will be able to fix their pest control issues by applying the latest products that have been specifically formulated to deliver targeted pest control.

Jim’s Pest Control Wollongong – current techniques

Jim’s Pest Control Wollongong employs the most current techniques and products to solve your pest issues. We attend regular training sessions with world leading suppliers to learn about new product developments.

We are committed to testing these new products and skill set to make sure they will deliver the results that the suppliers have promised. It also allows to develop and understanding on when and where to apply these products.

As we are a part of Jim’s group we also communicate with other pest controllers across the countryside to work out other ways that we can treat pests. This means that we will develop different techniques and skill sets to other pest control companies in the area that will deliver outstanding results to our clients.

Support for years to come

Jim’s Group has been providing services to the Australian public for the past 30 years. It is a name that is renowned for the customer service offered by their local family run businesses.

Unlike some small pest controllers that are here today and gone tomorrow you can be assured that Jim’s Pest Control Wollongong will be around for a very long time.

Jim’s already has 80 plus technicians right across the country side providing hundreds of pest control services daily. If for any reason your current pest technician is not available you can be assured that there will be an equally qualified and experienced technician that can help.

Exceptional Customer Service

Jim’s Pest Control in Wollongong, prides ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service that is above our clients expectations.

We use other tradespeople in our local community and know how frustrating it is to get a tradesperson to come out or even to pick up the phone.

This is why we have made it our business to return all phone calls and quite often we return phone calls or enquiries within minutes of receiving them.

We are committed to arriving at a convenient time to the client and if we get caught up in traffic we will always ring you to let you know that we are running late. We know that sometimes this can be an inconvenient to you and fully understand if you need to re schedule.

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