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Parkes is world recognised for the Elvis festival that is held here every year. It attracts visitors from all over Australia and even quite a few overseas guests. Another big drawcard is “the Dish”, a large satellite dish that was involved in the moon landings.

The town is surrounded by farmlands, and we produce some of the best beef and lamb around. Unfortunately, the feeding practices of these animals encourages pests. During the normally dry hot summers, spilt grain is an ideal food source for rats, mice, and pigeons.

Dams and watering troughs provide a source of water for these pests especially when the Goobang Creek has run dry.

When the weather turns cold then these pests often invade local homes in the area. This is when a local pest controller is called out to come out and deal with these pests.

Pest Control Parkes can be difficult

Performing pest control in Parkes can be difficult because unlike Sydney, pests can behave differently in a small town. If pests have already had a good source of food and water, it can be difficult to get them to feed on the usual products.

With Jim’s, our technicians are not limited to the type of products they can use. They are not forced to use one product, but instead are actively encouraged to use the best possible product no matter what it costs.

The reason behind this is our technicians are the business owners, so it is in their best interests to deliver outstanding results. As they are the business owners, paying a little extra for the best products does not come into consideration when they are treating customers in the community.

Tourists encourage pests

We get a large influx of tourists at certain times of the year which unfortunately helps support pests in the area. Discarded food is often feasted upon by ants, rats, mice, birds, and a whole range of other critters.

Even mosquito and fly numbers can benefit from tourists. I’m sure they don’t mean any harm, but it can make picnics in the parks and unpleasant experience.

Even using the BBQs in the area can be a windfall for European Wasps and this can cause several issues.

Best practices deployed

With Jim’s, we spend large amounts of time teaching our techs how to deal with every pest. They practice for months on the processes and are not allowed to start with a paying customer until they can competently treat all pests.

Even once they start treating for clients, they still have the 24 hour backup and support of a senior technician in Jim’s. It is the main reason why our technicians are so successful at treating pests.

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