Fortunately, whilst searching for pest control Camden, you have landed on this page. Jim’s Pest Control in Camden is run by a local small business operator who has been tackling pests in the area for years.

He is the person most locals trust to get their pest control needs met.

If you are in need of professional, expert advice, simply call us on 131546 now so we can work with you to solve your pest problems.

Our local Jim’s pest professional has been part of the Camden community for most of his life. He has been providing vital pest control services in the Camden and surrounding areas for several years. As he is a local he knows how the pest affects our community and knows where to look to find the pests.

Pest Control Camden – Trusted name

Jim’s is a trusted name throughout Sydney and Australia and it is a name that Australians trust to get the job done. They know if they select Jim’s Pest Control Camden to get their work done that it will be done to a very high standard and that if anything goes wrong then Jim’s will fix it.

Jim’s Brand has been servicing Australians and now overseas clients for 30 years so we must be doing something right.

Pest infestations in our community

Our lifestyles are rapidly changing and these days we are getting less and less time to deal with pest issues that crop up in our homes. We are also seeing the weather patterns changing which is also having a positive effect on the breeding cycle of pests.

One of the pest problems we have attended to recently in Camden was a heavy cockroach infestation. There were cockroaches in every draw of the house, everywhere you looked there were dozens of cockroaches looking back.

This large infestation required us to call on all of our experience and knowledge. We were able to apply some great new products that used the minimum of chemicals to get control of these pests. We can still remember the look on the clients face when we managed to get control of the situation and the gratefulness of the client.

Birds now causing issues

With the invent of solar panels and everyone trying to go green for the environment it has also mean an opportunity has presented itself for birds. The height of solar panels is just the right height for pigeons and other birds to nest under them.

This is causing lost of issues for people in the Camden area as these birds carry lots of diseases that can be transferred to humans. We have developed special techniques for dealing with these birds and reducing the chance of the transfer of these diseases.

We also do a lot of work bird proofing of large industrial sheds and small garages, so no matter what size bird problem you have we will have a solution that can help.


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