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Seven Hills is a great place in the western suburbs of Sydney to raise a family. We have parks and reserves dotted all over the area.

Locals enjoy these parks and there are a wide range of sports on offer. There is so much to do that there is bound to be something that will interest you.

Just as we enjoy these parks and reserves, pest thrive in this area. Any dropped food is quickly engulfed by ants or swooped on by pigeons.

Many a summertime picnic has been spoilt by these pests.

Jim’s Pest Control Seven Hills, effectively eliminating pests

Pests are not confined to the parks and reserves; they will snap up any opportunity that presents itself.

They quickly learn that homes and businesses, can be a great source of food. Just a few spilt crumbs can be a feast for an ant.

Quickly relaying messages to the nests of the abundant food they have found. Soon a whole army of ants will arrive to drag the bounty away.

Your local Jim’s Pest Control Seven Hills technician is smarter that the average ant. They will use the knowledge that ants take a good food source back to the nest.

Providing and irresistible bait is the key to getting them under control. The food as be laced with an undetectable product that is known to eliminate ants. As the ants cannot detect this, they will happily carry the product back to the nest.

Within a few short days they will realise their mistake, but by that time it is too late.

Clients just can believe at how quickly our local technicians can get them under control.

Hidden pests lurking nearby

The stormwater drains in the areas provide a vital role in times of heavy rains. However, they are a great environment for pest like rats and cockroaches.

American cockroaches love a damp environment and the drains provide perfect protection from predators.

Rats and mice hunt in these drains, for the rich food source that cockroaches provide.

Did you know that when a Jim’s Pest Control Seven Hills technician is treating a cockroach infestation, that they will often see a healthy population of mice?

Many people believe that mice love cheese, but the food source that they cannot resist, is cockroaches.

A great idea for setting a mouse snap trap is to try using a juicy cockroach as bait. The only hard part is catching the cockroach.

Pest sneaking about

Often pest will not be visible during daylight hours. They will wait until you have gone to sleep before scurrying out of their hiding places.

They can quite easily climb walls and kitchen cupboards in search of food. Many clients only discover them when turning lights on, to get a glass of water, in the middle of the night.

We know how upsetting this can be and how urgent action is required. Therefore, our call centre is open to 8pm each night. You can even contact us later by filling in an online enquiry form.

Most clients are pleasantly surprise and how quickly our technicians will call them. Even late at night, or on the weekend, we will respond quickly.

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