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Redback spiders can be found in every suburb of Sydney. They tend to have webs close to the ground, at the base of buildings, and as insects go by, they become entangled in their webs.

They do a great job at reducing the number of pests around your home. Unfortunately, they do pose a threat to humans.

A bite from one of these spiders can make an adult sick for up to a week. If it is a child, the consequences can be even more sever.

Due to this threat, Jim’s Pest Control Sydney is regularly putting in place, measures to ensure this does not happen.

How to get rid of redback spiders

Eradicate Redback spiders yourself

To eradicate Redbacks yourself, you must first understand a little about their behaviour. Redback spiders will typically hide away during the day. On dark they will emerge to repair any damage done to their webs.

These spiders typically like a damp environment. They know that a moist, humid environment is perfect for their prey. Well kept gardens will provide and ample food supply.

They do not like rain. Typically, they will have a hiding spot, to shelter from the weather.

The easiest way to get rid of these spiders is to remove the places they can hide. Any stored goods outside, like toys are a great hiding spot for these spiders. Simply packing these toys away at night is enough to discourage them.

Our Jim’s Pest Control Sydney clients are often shocked to see how many Redback spiders they have. It is utterly amazing to see the number spiders that emerge after a treatment.

Different colours of these spiders

When most people picture Redback spiders, they imagine a back spider with a red stripe down its back. However, they do come in different colours and sizes.

Motley tan spiders are quite common. Most people do not think they are a Redback  . The one distinctive feature, that they cannot hide, is the red stripe down their back.

Even the red stripe can vary from spider to spider. One of our Sydney pest control techs found one, where the strip and two dots had made a smiley face.

The best way to protect you and your family

As Redback spiders do not have hairy legs like other spiders, they are susceptible to chemicals. A good long-lasting barrier treatment if applied correctly can keep them at bay for 6 months.

Most of our Sydney clients prefer to have an annual pest treatment performed to keep their family safe. They are comfortable in the knowledge that their family is being protected from these scary spiders.


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Dangerous Redback Spider