Our buildings provide warmth, shelter, moisture and food for birds, making bird control & solar panel bird proofing very popular pest control services.

The most common complaints are birds, such as pigeons, nesting in roof voids, under solar panels, and bird mites which travel from the birds to us. However, there are many different problems associated with birds and we can offer professional solutions to many of them.

So whatever your particular problem is, please call the experts at Jim’s on 131 546 for some friendly advice.

What happens in a bird control service?

In  a bird control service, we perform a thorough inspection and advise you on the best and most cost effective option. Sometimes there may be more than one option available.

These options can include exclusion such as proofing the building and it’s surrounds and netting. We can also offer physical deterrents such as spikes and electric shock systems. These shock systems won’t kill or injure the birds, but make it very uncomfortable for the bird to be there. There are also high pitched audio devices which have proven successful. These devices cannot be heard by humans and will not irritate your pets either, but birds really dislike these devices.

We do not like to shoot birds or poison them, but if there is no other alternative available, and where serious health and safety hazards are present, then these options may be explored.

Bird Control

Birds can…

Transmit diseases, even particularly nasty ones such as SARS, and spread disease such as Salmonella which is a severe form of food poisoning. The Salmonella bacteria can be found in the bird droppings and also in the eggs of infected Birds. Fungal airborne diseases are also a problem with infected birds and we can develop quite serious illnesses not unlike a severe form of flu.

Birds can offer a safe haven for fleas and bird mites. The fleas and mites are feeding off the birds in their nest and when the birds leave their nest these little predators come searching for us. The bites from Bird Mites can be quite painful and flea and mite populations can build up very quickly.

Birds can also foul buildings and footpaths with their droppings. When wet these droppings can present a safety hazard and possible legal consequences for building owners.

Birds can gain entry into Factories, particularly food related ones, and spoil and contaminate a significant amount of food.

Birds have also been documented to have brought down commercial air planes with a phenomena known as bird-strike.


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