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Possum removal cost is separated into two parts

Possum removal is one of those tasks that sounds simply but can sometimes be quite tricky. You will need a permit to capture this Australian native animal as they are a protected species.

There is a process that must be followed to successfully remove possums.

Some parts of the process you will be able to do, hence reducing the costs. Other parts you will need the correct permits and traps to complete.

All our local Sydney techs are fully permitted and specially trained in possum removal.

Possum Removal Cost

Proofing possum entrance points

Proofing of the entrance points is vital to any successful possum removal. During the inspection of the roof void, entrance points will be identified by our technicians.

They will highlight these points to you and give you options on what can be done. Some clients may choose to proof the holes themselves. Others will get a maintenance person in to seal the holes up.

Your local Jim’s technician can even offer temporary proofing until a more suitable permanent solution can be found.

Just be aware that even if the holes are sealed up, does not mean you will not get possums again. It is well known in the industry for possums to slide or lift tiles to gain access to roof voids.

Picking fruit from your trees discourages possums

Ripening fruit on a tree will attract possums and rats. The perfumes from this fruit will be to irresistible for a possum. Rats will be attracted to any fruit that falls to the ground.

It is recommended that any ripe fruit be picked and if possible, to pick fruit before it ripens. This way there is no temptations to encourage them into your yard.

Noisy Possums

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Possum Trap and Release
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