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Usually, the first time you discover wasps is when you get stung. Unlike bees they who only sting once, wasps can sting multiple times without dying.

Many people think they lay in ambush waiting form them to walk past, however, this is incorrect. They are, in fact, very shy pests and try to avoid confrontation.

The most common one we come across in Sydney is the paper wasp. These ones tend to build a honeycomb like structure under the eaves of buildings.

This structure supports growing offspring very effectively.

Often a sentinel wasp will be clinging to the nest, and anyone who strays too closely to the nest will get attacked instantly.

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DIY? Get rid of wasp nest problems yourself often ends in disaster

People think that something so small will be easy to get rid of, however this is rarely the case. Wasps have incredible eyesight. The movement of a twig or leaf in the area will quickly be noticed and often investigated.

So, someone attempting to spray them will be noticed as soon the door opens.

To kill them you will need to be within a metre of the nest. However, take into consideration that they are likely to attack you from 3 metres.

If you do the math, you can quickly work out why so many DYI wasp treatments end in disaster.

Attack them under the cover or darkness

As funny as it sounds, the best time to attack a wasp nest is under the cover of darkness. At night they are less active and their eyesight is poor.

If it is cold, this helps as well. The coldness slows down their reaction times, allowing you to get closer to them.

A word of warning. DO NOT use a torch when planning an attack. Just like every other insect and pests, they are drawn to the light.

Many people have come unstuck by using a torch, with a confused injured wasp flying towards the light.

Find the wasp’s original base

Under the ideal conditions, wasp nest can become quite large. Some have been reported to get up to the size of a dinner plate.

When they get to this size often, parts of the colony will split of, to build a new nest. These new nests are often what Jim’s Pest Control clients in Sydney report.

Just killing the new nest may not fix the problem and often other nests will form. This is because the original base is unaffected.

In these cases, people will require the assistance of a local pest provider like Jim’s. Our technicians will be able to put in place a chemical barrier that will stop them forming nests.


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