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Pest Control Belmore – cockroach invasion

In and around Belmore we see a lot of German cockroaches and I quite often get call out to properties where the residents have tried everything to get rid of them. They end up spending hundreds of dollars trying to fix it themselves and eventually get over run.

I have even heard of people leaving homes and rental properties as they could never get the cockroaches under control. This is not good for local landlords either as they first need to fix the cockroach problem and then find a tenant and end up losing thousands of dollars while fixing the issue.

That’s when they need my help and my professional approach and chemicals to get rid of their cockroach problems. Within a couple of visits we almost always get these cockroaches under control.

Changing weather conditions changes pests behaviours

When the weather conditions change in Belmore and Sydney it also means that the pest behaviours also change. We now see a lot of rats and mice which tend to invade the homes once the cold weather comes. They are simply trying to get somewhere warmer and dryer where they can raise their young.

As we know this behaviour, we also know where to look in your home to discover where they are hiding.

In summertime we see large numbers of spiders and other summer pests invading homes. Most of our clients prefer to get one of our premium general pest control sprays before the warmer weather arrives. The clients that choose to get this done rarely see a live insect or bug inside of their home.

Clients sleep comfortable each night knowing that the safe pest control barrier in place that will keep the bugs and spiders outside for months.

Spring also brings the interesting challenge of bees flying around and trying to set up new homes. Quite often they are trying to set up homes in two story buildings in air vents and cavities.

This presents us with some challenges as the height is an issue and also we want to try and stop the bees from setting up home in the first place.

Most of our clients that have had bees set up in their walls prefer for us to set up a repellent spray to repel them away from the area. This way we don’t have to kill them and we think this is a better solution for our clients and the bees.



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