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Ants can be tricky things to exterminate. It seems that if you get rid of one, more will magically appear. If you spray one area, they will simply access your home a different way.

They can be one of the most frustrating pests that you will come across in Sydney.

Many a Sydney sider has been driven insane trying to deal with these little pests.

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How to kill ants – DYI methods

There are many ways to kill them though, some more effective than others.

Some methods are quite simply and involve the use of a hard object like a shoe. It seems everyone has some advice on how get rid of these unwanted pests.

Our Jim’s Pest Control technicians have seen many different approaches by clients. Most of these DYI approaches effectively annoy ants more than kill them.

One DYI approach is to use baby powder on their trails. The idea behind this is that you disrupt the pheromones on the trail. This is meant to confuse the ants and then they leave the area.

This does not work as the ants will simply work out a different route and put down more pheromones.

Another approach is to tip boiling water down their nests. While it sounds great in theory, unless you can flood all the nesting chambers it won’t work. Consider as well, that when the boiling water touches the soil it will cool quickly.

I am sure you have probably heard of other DYI approaches that have had little effect.

how to kill ants

Understand why the ants are there

The first thing a local expert like Jim’s will do is to work out what species of ants you have. After establishing this they will then look for why the ants are there.

Reasons may include looking for a suitable nests site, searching for food or water. When this is established there will be some simple things you can do to help stop them coming.

A local pest expert will be looking at what they are feeding on. Ants are either protein or sugar eaters. Understanding what they are feeding on is how and expert kills ants.

Protein and sugar baits

Getting rid of ants is very simple once you understand what they are feeding on. If it is protein like insects, then a protein bait should be used. A sugar bait will be used if they are searching out and feeding on honey, jams or lollies.

Once a palatable bait is provided to them, the ants will do the work for us. They will carry the newfound food source back to the nest. There they will feed it to the rest of the colony.

Soon after the chemical in the food will take effect. By the time they realise that something is wrong it will be too late.

As the bait has been delivered to the centre of the nest there will be no escaping.

A professional like Jim’s can deliver these outstanding results usually within 24 hours. This is the reason why so many Sydneysiders call Jim’s to get rid of their ants.


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