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White-Tailed spiders are one of the scariest spiders you will come across in your Sydney home. Unlike other spiders, White-Taileds do not build a web. Instead they will just freely roam around.

They are an ambush predator and will wait for pray to wander past. As they are a slender spider they can easily pass through tight gaps.

Sydney residents often only get a glimpse of them. They are quite quick and will often dart about undetected.

People fear this spider, as there are numerous news reports on people becoming sick after being bitten. It is however unlikely for you to be bitten by this spider.

White-Tailed spiders will usually run away from danger. They are only likely to bite you if they are in fear for their life.

get rid of white-tailed spiders

How to get rid of White-Tailed spiders – it can be difficult!

White-Tailed spiders can be difficult to get rid of. As they are free roaming there is not one spot that they will call home. They will move in and out of areas in the search for food or a mate.

These spiders will gain access to your Sydney home by slipping under the front or back doors. Their small size enables them to come through holes around light fitting or exhaust fans.

It is impossible to stop them from coming in. Once they have found their way in you will need help from you local Jim’s Pest Control technician to evict them.

Where are they most common in your home?

Often people just do not know where these spiders are hiding in their home. Clients are surprised to learn that White-Tailed spiders live in roof voids.

Roof voids provide the ideal space for them to hunt their prey. Insulation provides great hiding spots for them. If an insect strays into a roof void the spider will sense they are there.

They tend to hang around light fittings and exhaust fans in the ceiling. When you turn you lights on, light will escape around fittings into your roof. Any insects that are trapped in your roof void will be attracted to this light source. This is where white-tailed spiders will wait in ambush.

Occasionally they will lose their footings and fall into your home. When this occurs, they tend to wander around aimlessly in search of food.

Transporting them in with your washing

Hanging your washing up on a clothesline outside is another way they gain access. If you leave you clothes basket on the ground, they will climb in. Even worse they can hide inside the clothing hanging on the line.

When you take your washing down, you then unwillingly cart them into your home. As you do the folding, it disturbs them, and they will quickly seek another hiding spot. So, please be careful when folding clothes.

Most Sydney clients understand how difficult it is to keep them out. Instead they get Jim’s Pest Control to apply treatments that will deal with any spiders, that find their way in.


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