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Ants can be a persistent pest in Sydney and the sheer though that some can fly is terrifying.

Often flying ants are seen in huge black swarms hanging around the tops of trees. This only occurs when the conditions are right and is usually in the summertime.

Many a motorcyclist and cyclist know how unpleasant these pests can be. There is nothing worse than inhaling one when on a bike ride.

flying ants

What’s the story behind flying ants?

Ants are like termites when it comes to the life cycle. For them to reproduce they will take flight to find a suitable partner.

They do this typically during the summer when the optimal weather conditions are present. Many thousands of alates will take flight in these conditions.

When this occurs, they are easy pickings for birds and other predators. You will often see birds flying strangely when this happens. They tend to dart and change course suddenly as they hunt these winged romantics.

Do they pose any real threat?

Flying ants do not pose any real threat to human beings. Their random flying pattern may result in you inhaling one, which is unpleasant, more than anything.

They can be quite scary though, as when they fly, the numbers can be in the thousands.

If you stand to close to where they are disembarking the nest, you are likely to get bitten from one of the soldiers.

What happens if they are flying inside?

Jim’s Pest Control Sydney is often called out by clients that have found flying ants inside their home. This usually occurs when an ant colony is living inside the walls.

They use cracks and crevasses to disembark from. While this can be quite distressing for clients, they do not generally pose any great threat. Their overwhelming desire is to find a mate and start a new colony.

Most clients are more concerned that they do not know what is happening. Often just talking to a local tech is enough to put their minds at ease.

How can I stop them from coming inside?

An old saying that “prevention is better than the cure” is a good way of looking at flying ants. By the time they fly there is very little that can be done.

A good general pest treatment inside the home will put up barriers that ants don’t like. When they encounter these barriers, they will be affected by the treatment.

The best way to prevent them is to eliminate ant nests around your home. This way they will never get the chance to fly and cause problems.

Our local technicians have some great treatments that will eliminate these pests and keep you safe.