Fortunately, whilst searching for pest control Smithfield, you have landed on this page. Jim’s Pest Control in Smithfield is run by a local small business operator who has been tackling pests in the area for a long time.

He is the person most locals trust to get their pest control needs met.

If you are in need of professional expert advice then just call us on 131546 for friendly and professional service.

Our local Jim’s pest professional has been part of the Smithfield community for most of his life. He has grown up in the community with his family and worked and supported the local community for most of his life. As a local, he knows the best places to eat like Frangos.

As he is a local and treats pest in our local community on a daily basis, he is well versed in how the pests move around in our community.

Pest Control Smithfield – local knowledge advantage

It is really important when choosing a pest control provider in Smithfield to consider that a local business owner will have great knowledge of pests in the area.

He will also be very experience in their behaviours and habit’s that only a local will know. This experience is vital to being able to treat and solve your pest control issues. Some other pest control companies in the area just don’t understand that pests in the area can behave very differently and normal techniques may not work.

Educating Our Clients

Jim’s Pest Control Smithfield believes that clients can also help with resolving their pest control issues. There will always be a reason why a pest is attracted to your home.

This is why it is critically important for us to come to site and investigate you pest issue. With our vast local experience we will be able to discover the reasons for the pests to be in your area.

We will also come up with suggestions that you can do to help reduce the reasons for the pests wanting to call your home or workplace home. This is part of working out an integrated pest management treatment.

Pests We Come Across

In the Smithfield area we have possums, rats, mice, spiders, termites, birds in fact every pest that you can possible think of we have seen and treated in Smithfield.

One of the most interesting and challenging jobs we have done so far is a German cockroach job. When went to site within hours of the call as there was some distress in the clients voice.

When we arrived on site we were shocked to find a cockroach infestation and that they were that bad the cockroaches were falling onto our heads as we went in. We could fully understand how distressing this was to the clients and that they were at their wits ends to solve the issue. The client had tried every product that was available in the supermarkets to no avail.

We were very happy that we were able to get these under control within a few short visits and the client could not believe how affective our treatments were at eliminating the cockroaches.

Jim's Pest Control

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