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Bankstown is a great part of Sydney to live in. We have a diverse community with many different nationalities living in the area.

Many come from countries that do not have pest problems that we see here in Australia. This is mainly due to the climate and the mild weather we experience.

We don’t see extremely cold winters with snow and minus temperatures. This enables pests to live and breed in our community 12 months of the year.

The warehouses to the south provide the ideal place for pigeons and other birds to nest in. This in turn attracts rats and mice to the area.

Jim’s Pest Control Bankstown local knowledge

Did you know that most of the stormwater flowing into drains ends up in the Salt Pan Creek?

Not many people know that these drains provide the ideal highway for pests to use. As they flow into creeks, like the Salt Pan, it provides easy access for pests to Bankstown.

When the Creeks and stormwater drains flood, pests like rats and cockroaches come pouring out looking for higher ground. Homes and businesses in the area provide refuse for these pests.

It is amazing how many phone calls Jim’s gets when it rains.

Local knowledge like this enables our pest technicians to know exactly where the pests have come from. This allows us to let the clients know what they can do to help.

Multi-cultural society brings pest challenges

We have a wide range of cultures making up the Bankstown community. These cultures bring different ways of preparing and cooking food. Unfortunately, some of these practices have been a windfall for pests.

Greasy kitchens and poor hygiene have resulted in an explosion of pests like cockroaches and ants. They thrive in this environment and the amply food supply means they breed up in vast numbers.

Often, we get phone calls from distressed locals that can no longer ignore the problem. They have tried to combat the pests themselves at great expense, with little success.

They are relieved, when they engage our services, we can get the pests quickly under control. Many comment that they should have call us sooner.

Difference between DYI and professional products

If you go to any hardware store or supermarket there are a wide range of pest control products to choose from. Often these products will have incredible claims. Even TV ads will have products that you simply plug into a wall and will make your pests disappear instantly.

More likely that not these products will fail as the products concentrations are not enough or pests simply get use to them.

Professional products used by your local Jim’s Pest Control expert are only available licensed pest controllers. A large amount of time, money had research has gone into the developments of these products.

The procedure for applying these very effective products is only delivered to qualified technicians. This way the manufacturers can ensure the products are applied correctly.

This is the main reason why a professional pest control technician from Jim’s will always deliver superior results.

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