Jim’s is your local expert, which now offers professional outdoor cat enclosure sales and installation services to keep your precious fur babies safe. Our techs servicing the area are experienced, fully trained, and insured and can provide you with the ideal catio for your home. You can trust the Jim’s name to help you keep your cats safe.

If you need to get in touch with us about catios or cat netting, simply call 131 546 and our friendly staff will take your details.

Cats love to venture outside and spy on bugs and birds. It is in their nature to want to stalk and pounce on anything.

They often think that it is their job to be the food provider for their owners. Cats are quite proud of their achievements and are only too willing to show their captures.

Unfortunately most cats will never get this stimulation as they are stuck inside. It is too unsafe these days to allow your cat to roam around. You will see many of these felines at windows just staring out blankly.

This is where Jim’s can now help to relieve their boredom.

Call now and we’ll work with you to create your cat enclosure.

Outdoor cat enclosure - Sydney catio sales

Commercial grade outdoor cat enclosure products

Owners are now ringing Jim’s as they know that we can install outdoor cat enclosures, using soft netting.

Jim’s have been using bird proofing products for years in the commercial sector. We now see the opportunity to provide a safe area for cats and pets, using these products.

Adapting commercial soft bird netting is an easy way to enclose a yard, balcony or side of house. As the product is black in colour it does not take away from your views. Cats love it as well as they can climb it and the soft netting will not harm them.

Keeping pets safe

Jim’s loves to keep your pets safe and have found the best way to do this is to net areas. This provides a unique space where cats and other pets can play outside safely.

Owners don’t have the fear that while their cats are outside they can jump the fence and disappear. They feel safe in the knowledge that their pets can‘t escape the outdoor cat enclosure.

Closing in balconies to keep pets safe

These days a large part of the population lives in apartments. These apartments often allow pets like cats and dogs. Owners are very fearful about allowing them onto balconies as one slip can be catastrophic.

In these situations Jim’s can also provide permanent or semi permanent solution. Of course you may need permission from the building owner or strata to install the soft netting.

Reducing the impact on native animals and birds

Ever have your precious fur baby bring you a dead bird?

Cat enclosures if installed correctly will keep most birds and other animals out. This is not only a great win for owners who are horrified at what they can catch, but an even better win for the native species.

With areas of the yard being enclosed, it means that cats get the stimulation of stalking and hunting birds. The soft netting however provides a safe barrier between them and their prey. So everyone can have a little fun without getting hurt.

Cat Run FAQs

Do cats like cat enclosures?

An outdoor cat enclosure, cat run, or "catio", allows your feline friend the freedom to roam around outside, enabling them to smell all the aromas that only an outdoor experience can give them - but in a safe manner. A catio still lets them come back inside for cuddles, or just in general demanding their food.

What's a Catio?

What is a catio? A catio is simply a contraction of the word "cat patio". It's an outdoor enclosure that enables your pet cat to go outside in safety, whilst keeping birds and other wild animals safe. A well made catio will also protect your cat from dangers such as dogs, cars, and poisons which often affect outdoor cats. All in all, it's a big win for you, your cat, and the neighbourhood.

Is it cruel to have a Catio?

Cats are well know predators or wild birds and other small animals. By having a catio installed, you are providing them with the freedom of the outdoors (smells, sounds, sights, etc), but keeping both your cat and wildlife that may wander into or near your yard safe. A catio may also be the solution to separate multiple cats who do not get along in your home.

How big should a cat enclosure be?

How big a cat enclosure should be depends a lot on the room you have. But, a general rule is that the length of the enclosure should be at least 1.5x the width. The minimum height of your catio should let your cat stand upright with its tail high in the air, and not touch the top.

Is chicken wire safe for cats

Using chicken wire for an outdoor cat enclosure may be cheap, but it is not the best option. One reason for that is that it is not very strong, and, when cut, it may leave sharp edges that can injure your or your cat. Another reason is that the wire may rust over time when exposed to the elements.