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There is nothing more disgusting than having your home or business being invaded by rats. Just the thought of it sends shivers down most people’s spines.

As they are secretive pests, you are not likely to see them at first. One or two rats will usually go unnoticed. They only emerge at night once everyone has gone to sleep. The slightest noise will send them scurrying back to their hiding spot.

Sydney clients only notice them once they have done some damage to their home. Chewing on power lines and causing an electrical short is when most people discover they have rats.

When this occurs, locals trust that Jim’s Pest Control will get them under control.

How to get rid of rats in the house

How to get rid of rats in the house – FAST!

The fastest way to get rid of rats is to provide them with a rodent bait. There are a lot of different baits on the market and all with have a different affect.

For instance, in recent years a bait was developed that stopped rats processing calcium. As rodents are unable to digest and expel calcium it will build up in their body. Eventually this will affect vital organs and they will succumb to it.

Rat baits these days are very safe. Most have been developed in a way that will only affect the target species. If a pet or other animal eats an infected rat there will be little to not effect.

Jim’s Pest Control Sydney is committed to using only the safest rodent baits. It gives our clients great piece of mind.

Damaging Rats

High price of copper causes homes to flood

In recent years we have seen the skyrocketing price of copper. Now you might be asking yourself how does the high price of copper relate to rat problems?

It is quite simple. As copper is now so expensive, builders are using plastic pipes for mains water plumbing. These plastic water lines are run through roof voids and walls.

During the summertime in Sydney it can get extremely hot. For pests it can be a struggle to find water. However, a plastic water pipe contains all the water they need. As a bonus it runs past where they live. All the rats must do, is to chew a hole into the pipe.

Unfortunately for the home or business owner this will result in a water leak. This leak is likely to be in an area with restricted access.

Therefore, accessing this area will prove difficult and expensive. Repairing a wall alone can cost thousands of dollars.

Therefore, the high copper prices have inadvertently caused homes and business to flood.

For this reason, any new building should have a rodent treatment every six months.


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