If you are reading this, you are probably worried about termites in your Sydney home. If you’ve searched for Are chemicals used for termite control safe”, you’re concerned about chemicals being used around your home.

This is where Jim’s Termite & Pest Control Sydney can help as we have a number of safe chemical options and even chemical free options available in regards to termite control.

With the advancement of manufacturing processes and development of new safer chemicals, there are now options available which are much safer to control your termite issues.

We have options available today where we no longer have to use chemicals to kill and treat termites in Sydney but can actually use growth regulators to target, control and eliminate termites.

With the manufacturing of new chemicals, gone are the days where we use really toxic harmful chemicals that would kill the termites but also affect other living organisms including animals, insects and plants.

It is great to see that a lot of these chemicals are now banned for use in Australia as they were very damaging to the environment and because the handling of these products was not great they contaminated the environment. These days most of our chemicals that we used are based on synthetic pyrethrums, which is an extract that can be found in most plants.

All plants have their own defence mechanisms in the form of chemicals to stop pests from attacking them and destroying them. These pyrethrums are on the inside of plants which means that bees and other pollinators are able to land on the plant and pollinate the flowers without being affected by the plants natural chemicals.

In laboratories, Scientists have created these pyrethrums, so that when a pest controller sprays these chemicals out they can ensure they are applying it at a consistent and effective rate. With these advancements in manufacturing processes it has meant that minimal amount of chemicals are now applied to get a great result for out Sydney Jim’s Termite & Pest Control clients.

Are Chemicals used for termite control safe for used in Sydney?

The chemicals that we use in Sydney for termite control are safe and need to go through vigorous testing and licensing with the Government before they are allowed to be used by a pest controller. There are also strict rules on where, when and how chemicals are to be applied by a pest controller and we train our Sydney technicians extensively on how to follow the chemical specifications on the label.

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Are there other ways of eliminating termites in Sydney

In recent years there has been a development of other options available to the Jim’s Termite & Pest Control technicians in Sydney to treat termites. There are now new products on the market that actually regulate the growth of a termite.

The Sydney expert technicians can now provide a high quality food source for the termites; they actually prefer to eat this bait over the wood in your home. The termite food source is mixed with a growth regulator, which has the affect of stopping the termites growing and hence over a period of 8 weeks it can eliminate a colony.

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