If you’re looking for an experienced, well-trained pest control Sydney service provider, who provides professional pest solutions, look no further.

Jim’s Termite and Pest Control in Sydney is run by a business operator who has been tackling pests, including termite treatment solutions, for years.

Being back by a name everyone already is familiar with, you just know that your local Jim’s expert is the one to get your pest control needs met.

To get in touch with us about any pest control problems or problems around your Sydney home or business, simply call 131 546 and our friendly staff will take your details.

Pest Control Sydney – 30 years experience

Jim’s Pest Control has been operating in Sydney since 2011 delivering expert advice and service. We believe in an integrated approach to pest control in Sydney and believe there are some simple things that you can do to help with your pest problems.

Lynton & Stephanie are the senior technicians in Sydney. Both come from a background of dealing with pests, including termites, for the past 30 years.

They have extensive experience in all aspects of pest control, and their knowledge of pest behaviour is invaluable on all pest jobs.

Other pest controllers are always ringing them for advice on how to treat some tricky pest issues. Thus, they are fast becoming the go-to experts which other pest controllers rely on.

Lynton and Stephanie now spend most of their time training new technicians in Sydney, and in fact right across Australia, on how to deliver better pest control AND customer service to clients.

They also spend a lot of time sourcing the latest products and technology from around the world so that they can deliver better results for Jim’s clients and the environment.

Currently in Sydney, they have a team of 18 pest experts delivering pest control services all across Sydney and New South Wales.

Common pests around the harbour

Around the harbour we see a lot of rats and cockroaches; this is mainly due to the old infrastructure. They love hiding in drains and old sewers and come scurrying out at night time.

On warm nights as you wonder around Sydney you will often see these and many other pests running around getting a feed from any split food.

We get called out on a daily basis to deal with these pests and stop them from invading the restaurants and homes around Sydney.

Birds are also becoming a nuisance in Sydney with birds swooping in to steal your lunch. We have some great ideas and practices on how we can reduce this from happening.

The birds will also set up home on roofs in Sydney and especially building nests under solar panels and gutters. We have been dealing with these common issues for a long time and now have specialist technicians that are very good at fixing these issues permanently.

We seem to have lots of possum and rats issues as the older houses have lots of entrance points for these critters. We take such pride in our homes I like to think it seems to make it more attractive to the pests we see.

Even houses that are over 100 years old that have never seen termites are now seeing termite damage. This may be because of the changing environment or due to the new housing developments. These developments are disturbing termite colonies that get evicted when a building is demolished and need to search for a new home.

Jim’s Customer service promise to you

We pride ourselves on delivering fantastic customer service. We are available to our clients 7 days a week to answer any questions or concerns they may have.

We also like to educate our clients on what type of pests they have and share with them knowledge about how the pests can be treated. We take a lot of time explaining treatment methods, and what results the clients are likely to see and when.

We promise any job we take on, we will be able to control your pest problems. We also understand that sometimes budgets don’t just allow for a full pest treatment, so we are always willing to discuss options that may better fit within your budget.

For any pest issue that you come across, we provide professional pest control solutions. We have a large range of the latest products and technology available to deal with any pest issue that may arise.

Lynton - Jim's Pest Control


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