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Possums in Australian are a protected species. As such you will need to comply with the relevant state regulations.

They are not considered a destructive pest, more a nuisance. Growling and hissing noises are a true indication that you have them in your roof.

When breeding season approaches you will often hear possums fighting. It can be quite disturbing to residents when they hear these arguments in the middle of the night.

Although they look cute and cuddly, I can assure you when they are cornered, they can be quite savage. Therefore, when Sydney residents discover possums, they call Jim’s Pest Control, to deal with them.

How do I get rid of possums in my roof safely?

The safest way to rid your home of possums is by using a humane trap. The trap should be one that has the approved dimensions for catching possums. If you check with your local government authority, they will be able to provide this.

The trap is then placed into the roof void where the possum is living. A nice apple is provided to entice the possum into the trap. Once caught the trap can be removed with the possum in it.

Then proof up their entrance point immediately. The possum must then be released soon after, within 50 meters.

IMPORTANT; you must have a possum trapping permit to catch possums


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Do you need a permit to catch possums?

As possums are a protected species in Sydney and the rest of Australia, you must have a permit to catch them. There are strict guidelines that you must adhere to. Failure to do so will result in fines and possible imprisonment.

As it can be quite a lengthy process to obtain a permit, most people will just call Jim’s. We have the appropriate permits, so we can usually start trapping them the same day you enquire.

Possum-proof the entrance point

With any successful possum eviction, it is critical that the entrance points be proofed. As they can be very secretive it can be difficult to work out where they are getting in.

This is where Jim’s Pest Control experience, saves time and money. We deal with possums in Sydney daily. Our experience enables us to quickly locate where the entrance points are.

Once these areas are identified it is a simple as getting a maintenance person to plug the holes.

It easier to get a local pest control expert like Jim’s

Dealing with possums can be time consuming to the average person. They may try several things over a long-time frame to get rid of them. When they are at their wits end, they call Jim’s.

Often, they are surprised at how quickly we can capture the beasts. Holding them for 24 hours as per our permit, enables time to proof up their entrance points. Clients are happy at how quickly we can get them under control

Possum Trap in Roof
Possum Trap
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