Termite inspection Sydney – why do you need one? Termites cause many millions of dollars worth of damage to buildings in Australia every year, damage which is not covered by your household Insurance.

Some people require white ant treatment but termites and ants are quite different insects. Termites are not a member of the ant family but the term white ant is firmly ingrained in the Australian language.

Termite Inspection Sydney – use a qualified termite inspector

We have a trained and qualified Termite Inspector for your area, whether it is in Sydney, surrounding suburbs, or regional NSW. All of our experts have many years of experience between them, and some even over 30!

Not only are our Termite Inspectors are fully qualified, but they are comprehensively insured as well. Our Insurance covers us for Public Indemnity and Professional Indemnity which gives you complete peace of mind.

Termite Inspection Sydney

We use the latest termite inspection equipment including:


A specialist technique to test the integrity of wood

Listening Equipment

Detects termite movement

Moisture Meters

Detects elevated moisture in wood which may indicate the presence of termites


An invasive technique that can take pictures of active termites in timber

Termatrac T3i

Detects moisture, thermal variations and movement

Thermal Imaging

Detects thermal variations and available in some areas

Termite inspections detail:

Current Termite Activity

Evidence of Previous Termite Damage

The Conditions around your Property that are Conducive to Termite Attack

Evidence of a Current Termite Protection System

Advice on how to minimise the Likelihood of Termite Attack

How often You should have a Termite Inspection

Various options for a termite Protection Program

And much more

Did you know that…

A termite inspection is recommended at least annually by the Australian Standard AS3660 even if you have a termite protection system in place. In most cases, these termite protection systems make termites easier to detect but won’t stop them from attacking your building. Your existing termite protection system may also be compromised which you need to be aware of.

Termite Inspection Sydney
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