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Manly is one of the most prestigious places to live in Sydney. Our beaches and walking tracks are some of the bests in Sydney.

Walking around the area you will be able to spot lots of Australian wildlife. They use the cliffs and bushland for food and shelter.

Pests are attracted to Manly for the same reasons. If you add in the food source, like rubbish, it is the ideal environment for pests to flourish in.

Thousands of people take the Manly ferry to Sydney daily. While they are waiting the will quiet often come across one local’s cat sitting around the terminal.

This cat is very well looked after and hence has lost the urge to hunt rats and mice in the area.

Manly locals now call Jim’s to get their pest control problems seen to.

Jim’s Pest Control Manly; helping cats with work load

Cats are great for keeping mice and rats under control but often they will need help. Rats and mice can breed up in vast numbers very quickly overrun an area.

These pests like to live in roof voids and drains which often cats cannot access. This is where a professional pest controller like Jim’s will come in handy.

Our Jim’s Pest Control Manly technicians are experts at getting these pests under control. They will even let you know where these pests are entering your home.

Discarded rubbish breeds pests

Tourists to the area often cause an increase in discarded rubbish. People often throw away food, thinking that some native animal will benefit from a feed.

However it is often not native animals that benefit. Often discarded food easy quickly snapped up by pests like rats, mice, ants, pigeons and cockroaches.

The constant supply of food has meant that these pests can support large families. These pests often roost in Manly homes and businesses close by.

This has lead to Jim’s Pest Control Manly getting inundated with phone calls from distressed locals who have found pests. If only tourist weren’t more considerate and placed food waste in rubbish bins, it would reduce pest numbers.

Termites very active in the area

It is a bit of an old wives tale that termites do not like living by the sea. Most people think that the salt water upsets them. The truth of the matter is that they relish these surroundings.

Sandy soils make it easy digging. Rocky ground is great for them as well as they can access homes and properties via cracks in the rocks.

Houses are commonly built with pine timber. This timber is the perfect food for termites to feed on. Termites will stop at nothing to access this timber.

This is why it is so important to have annual termite inspections and make sure your treatments are up-to-date.

Jim’s Pest Control Manly can help you with all of your termite control requirements.

Meet your local pest control Manly business owner

Sam Ghahreman is the local business owner of Jim’s Pest Control Manly. He is well versed in all aspects of pest control.

Delivering exceptional results for his clients, is what Sam’s strives for. He is not happy until the pests have been eliminated.

This is the reason why so many residents are now using Jim’s for all of their pest control needs.

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