Why is effective ant control important? Our buildings are ideal for ants because they provide shelter, food, warmth and water.

You may see them in roof voids and subfloors, in your kitchen, along the edge of the building and in and around pet bowls.

If you do, you need to call Jim’s Termite and Pest Control and be connected with one of our local ant exterminator experts in Sydney and Regional NSW.

What our local exterminator does for ant control…

Our local ant expert will set up a professional program to control ants in your building, as well as the surrounding environment. The exterminator will also advise how you can help reduce future problems.


We will carry out a survey and report our findings.


We will apply special bait which is licensed and formulated for ants pest control. This is very safe for you and your children and pets. The bait is applied to out of reach places for your added peace of mind.


We may apply dust to your roof void, subfloor and in your wall cavities.

Surface Spray

We may apply a special surface spray which is licensed and formulated for Ant control. This is applied to the perimeter of your home or building.

Ant Control - use a local ant exterminator

Our pest expert’s help and advice on ants…

Ants are well known to invade kitchens and a variety of food service areas.

Their scavenging of animal excrement, refuse areas and other diseased organisms accelerates their potential to pass on diseases to humans.

There have been instances of ants passing on salmonella and other bacteria via their body or digestive tract.

Let’s not forget about their reputation for destroying appliance circuit boards and electrical wiring.

Ants can…

Spread Disease

Because they can scavenge for food in garbage areas, dog excrement and other unsanitary areas. These disease carrying organisms can then be tracked into our homes and onto our food.

Bite & Sting

There are some species of Ants such as Fire Ants that can both bite and sting and cause much discomfort.

Make unsightly ant trails and mounds

In some instances ants have caused cracks in paths due to their excavations.


Call now and we’ll work with you to control your Ant Problem!

Wandering Ants