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Molong is a small country town in New South Wales. Most people pass through from when they travel from Bathurst on their way to Dubbo.

It is a great country town where everyone seems to know everybody. Raising a family here is great as children grow up with the country lifestyle.

Motorbike riding is a right of passage to any young person in the community and everyone seems to know mates that have property.

Even the Molong Creek can provide hours of entertainment for locals. The creek is quite narrow, and most people do not give a second thought to the pests that live there.

Pest Control Molong gets calls for snakes and rats

We are a country town and are surrounded by farmlands and stock sheds.

The creek while quite small is the ideal environment for pests. Common pest you will see in this area are:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Flies
  • Mosquitos
  • Spiders
  • Snakes
  • Foxes
  • Pigeons

These are just some of the pests that are floating around waterways in the area.

Our climate is quite warm in Molong which is perfect for pests to breed in. As we don’t really get cold days, pests can survive all year round. It can be quite annoying for locals to be dealing with flies in the middle of winter and their Sydneysider friends don’t believe them.

Snakes can be a even more frightening pest as they often are in search for rats and mice. You will often sport these along the creek beds or sunny themselves on the road.

There is no real reason to be frightened of them as they are not interested in you. If you leave them alone and quietly walk away, they will not chase you.

If you are concerned about one around your home, then give us a call.

Termites: the hidden pest

When you ask locals, “are there any termites in the area?”, most people are blissfully ignorant. They think that if you can’t see them then you don’t have them.

On many occasions we have mentioned this to clients in Molong and have gotten a similar reaction. They tend to do not nothing about them. They should at the very minimum have an annual termite inspection.

Within a few months or years, it is common for these clients to ring us back. They seem almost embarrassed that they have made a discovery of termites in the walls.

Termites are a hidden pest and only make themselves visible when the breeding season is upon us. By then their numbers can be in the millions and severe damage is likely to be already done.

Our technicians are very good at detecting termites in the early stages and have some outstanding treatments available.

It is why Jim’s are the go-to experts when you find termites on your property.

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