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Once cockroaches have entered your home it can be quite difficult to get rid of them.

They tend to hide in places that you would not think of. Most DYI treatments fail as these areas are not treated.

It is interesting to know that cockroaches are very shy creatures. As soon as another animal enters the area they will quickly scurry away.

As they are quite thin, they can hide in gaps as small as a couple of millimeters. This can make them extremely hard to treat.

Get rid of cockroaches the easy way

The easiest way to get rid of cockroaches is to take away their hiding spots. Often by looking under kitchen benches you will see ridiculously small gaps. These gaps are just the right size for cockroaches.

They prefer a tight-fitting gap. Their bodies are designed to squeeze into very tight spots.

Once you have found their hiding spots, the easiest way to get them under control is to seal these up.

In these situations, you will need the help of Jim’s Pest Control. Our local Sydney technicians will be able to get the population under control. This will aid you proofing measures.

Disease Carrying Cockroaches

Understanding what species you have

It is extremely important to understand what type of cockroach you have. There are many different species that live in Sydney.

Some cockroaches will prefer to live in your subfloor or roof space. While others like Germans, happily set up home in your kitchen. Another species, the Australian Brown prefer to live outside.

While to most, all these cockroaches look the same. However, a train technician from Jim’s Pest Control will know the difference.

Why is it so important to understand what cockroach species you have?

As with anything, different species of cockroaches have different habits. Where they live and what they feed on varies significantly from species to species.

There is no one cockroach treatment that will deal with all. Often a specialised treatment must be applied to the roaches you have.

Even local knowledge of how that species behaves in your area is vital to a successful treatment.

For these reasons, most people will simply call Jim’s Pest Control to get them dealt with quickly.

Our local technicians will identify the species you have. They will then discuss with you the best course of action that will deliver you the desired results.

Often this will involve an initial treatment, with a follow up treatment 7-14 days later.

Everyone that engages our services are incredibly happy with the results. Most cant believe how quickly we can get them under control.

Sydney subfloors are a problem

Most of Sydney homes and businesses are built with subfloors. This is typically a dark, damp environment that very few things venture into.

The only common pest you will spot there is cockroaches. Typically, big American cockroaches live there. When a subfloor is dusted these can come pouring out of vents.

This can cause some distress to owners and the sheer number and size can be terrifying