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When you think of Kings Park, Perth is the first thing that will spring to mind. It is well renowned for its bushland and native animals.

Did you know there is a Kings Park in Sydney? It is situated north of Blacktown and is mainly an industrial area. There are a large number of warehouses in the area and there are several family-owned coffee shops.

Running through the middle of the suburb you will find the overgrown Breakfast Creek. This creek and the nearby warehouses are just what pests require to survive.

Residents who live in the area know this only too well with many calling Jim’s Pest Control Kings Park to get their pests dealt with.

Jim’s Pest Control Kings Park knows where the pests hide

It is one thing to be able to treat pests that invade homes and warehouses in the area, but you really need to understand the pest’s habits to be successful.

For example, the creek that runs through the area is often overgrown especially behind the warehouses. This provides the ideal cover for pests to move about the area without the worry of being eaten by a predator.

Even worse, warehouses are well known to be a haven for rats, mice, cockroaches, and pigeons.

At Jim’s Termite & Pest Control Kings Park we have the knowledge of where the pests are hiding. Passing this knowledge onto our clients and working with them is the best way to get pests under control.

Best products deliver outstanding results

These days it appears that anyone can do pest control. It is simple as going to the local supermarket and get some chemicals to kill of the pests. This however rarely works as if you do not understand the pest you are treating you will not be successful.

Did you know that a queen termite can product 5,000 eggs a day and can live up to 50 years?

Jim’s Termite & Pest Control Kings Park receive many phone calls from panicked residents that have found termites. The first thing our technician will say is cover them up and please do not spray them. This statement is often met with silence and the tech then knows what has happened.

In these situations, the client has sprayed them with fly spray, and they have managed to kill all the ones they can see. Unfortunately for the client, they did not know that the colonies numbers are likely to be 1,000,000 strong.

This is where the skill and knowledge of our technicians come into play.

Meet our local business owner

Michael Taylor owns and runs the local Jim’s Termite & Pest Control Kings Park business. He has lived and work in the area with his family for many years. Michael has a great understanding of how pests behave in our community.

Client satisfaction is Michael’s passion which is why he is always updating his product knowledge.

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