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Narellan is one of the fastest growing areas of Sydney. It seems like new land subdivisions are being opened daily.

People are discovering the mild weather conditions we experience in the area. Housing affordability has resulted in many families moving to the area.

The land that is being clear has been home to pests like ants, rats and possums for years. Generations of pests have frequented the area.

Previously there was not a lot of food and shelter, which has restricted pest numbers. However, with so many new homes being built, it has provided pests with an abundant choice.

Jim’s Pest Control Narellan, rural pest invasions

Narellan is surrounded by farming lands and reserves. These farmlands have seen their fair share of pests over the years. When the conditions are just right, plagues of pests like mice can overrun the area.

Ask any farmer or long-term resident and they will be able to tell you about the plagues.

New home construction on these rural areas have been a huge windfall for struggling pests.

Ants that explore the newly constructed homes, quickly come across split food. They quickly send out messages and before long a whole army of ants arrive, to harvest the food source.

Termites that once would struggle to find a good source of timber to feed on, welcome new construction. The yummy, high quality food sources are provided in abundance in new homes.

It is shocking to find out how many new homes in the area are under attack from these demolishing experts.

Jim’s Pest Control has the experience and knows exactly how these pests enter your Narellan home or business.

Pests in restaurants and take away shops

With the dramatic increase in population in the Narellan, has mean many restaurants and takeaway shops have opened up.

While this fulfills a need for the human population it helps pests. Greasy floors and overflowing rubbish bins provide and excellent food source for cockroaches and rats.

Left unchecked they can breed up in vast numbers and cause headaches for shop owners. There are several health issues that these pests can cause.

Jim’s Pest Control Narellan is committed to providing effective pest management to Narellan businesses. We have programs set up, to keep these pests under control.

Our quick response times is what Jim’s is famous for. We have technicians available 7 days a week and unlike other companies you will talk directly to the technician. You will even have his or her mobile number for any emergency.

This is the reason why so many locals in and around Narellan use Jim’s for all their pest control requirements.

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