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Oakhurst is one of the suburbs in the fast-developing Sydney western suburbs. There was Native bushlands and farmlands to the North, but these have quickly been gobbled up by the Marsden Park and Schofields developments.

Native animals and pests were abundant in this area but as the land was cleared they have had to look for new homes. As the Eastern Creek runs right past their door it is only natural that they use this pathway.

This has led to homes that are close to this creek seeing more pest activity that normal and is especially the case when it rains.

Unfortunately for Oakhurst residents the Eastern Creek flows straight past our community. It is why we are seeing an increase in the phone calls to Jim’s.

Jim’s Pest Control Oakhurst industry leader

At Jim’s we spend a large amount of time in researching new products and techniques. There are dozens of companies turning out hundreds of new products every year. They all claim that their products are the best in the industry but as we all know products rarely live up to the claims.

Our local business owners at Jim’s have a huge advantage when it comes to new products. With well over 100 local business owners across Australia sharing knowledge is one of our strengths.

When a new product hits the market, each state is given the sample to test. The only condition is that they must report back to the group of how the product stacked up against our proven performers.

This allows our local Jim’s business owner to get intel on how a product works. Often the results are that they do not control the pest, or control some but not others.

It is the reason why the local community knows to trust Jim’s Termite & Pest Control Oakhurst as they know only products that delivery outstanding results are used.

What you can do to reduce pests

Pests are attracted to your home or business for three main reasons, and they are:

  1. For food
  2. Shelter
  3. Breeding

There are a number of things that we encourage our clients to do as part of an integrated pest management.

Things that you can do are:

  • Make sure your pantry products are in an airtight container
  • Empty your kitchen rubbish bins daily
  • Fit pest strips and seals to doors and windows
  • Tip out any containers around your property containing water, with the exception of pet bowls which should be tipped out and refilled.

There are many other things that you can do and please ask your friendly technician what else can be done.

Meet your local business owner

Eric Fielder has owned and operated a local Jim’s business for many years. You will often spot him and his wife and children in the community.

Supporting other small businesses in Oakhurst is important to Eric as he knows how difficult it is out there. He is often giving free advice and educating his clients in regards to pest control.

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