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The Northern Beaches many locals would regard as the best place in Sydney to live. There are some spectacular beaches in the area which draws large numbers of visitors.

Our pristine beaches are enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. Pesky seagulls can be found in large numbers in the area. If the opportunity arises, they will swoop in and steal a chip.

There are several parks and reserves in the area with an abundance of fresh water in the form of dams and creeks.

Creek beds are home to a wide range of wildlife and pests. Pests like spiders and rats’ can be found in large numbers around waterways due the amply food supply.

The waterways provide the ideal breeding environment for mosquitoes and flies. During the summertime backyards can get overrun by these pests.

Jim’s Pest Control Northern Beaches is one of only a few companies that has effective treatments for mosquitoes and flies.

Jim’s Pest Control Northern Beaches local experts

Our technicians working in the Northern Beaches have a huge advantage over most. This advantage comes in the form of local knowledge.

As they live locally, they see firsthand what pests our community is facing. They see the same pests that you see in their own home.

They know that as the season changes, so does the pest activity. Some pests like rats, mice and possums will become more noticeable in the winter months. The reason for this is they are seeking shelter from the rain and cold winds.

During the summertime, just after a rain they know that cockroaches will breed rapidly. The humid weather is ideal for them. Often populations will explode in numbers just after a heavy summer rain.

Bushland full of termites

Locals use walking tracks in the area, will see lots of Australian wildlife. When a Jim’s Pest Control Northern Beaches technician walks through the same area all he or she sees is termites.

Termites are extremely active in the area. Almost all fallen timber is likely to have been nibbled on by termites. If you look closely you can see the signs of them everywhere.

For this reason, houses and businesses in the area are particularly susceptible to termites. The ones that have bushlands on their boundary are at extremely high risk of termite invasion.

Therefore, it is crucial for any building in Northern Beaches to have an annual termite inspection.

Spiders prolific in the area

We love the Northern Beaches for the great waterways and parks that we can explore. Pest like spiders enjoy this environment as well.

The waterways and dams provide the ideal areas for insects to breed in. The lights around are homes attract these insects at night.

With the insect feast on offer it is not long before spiders set up home. Strategically placing their webs around you home they will start harvesting the infinite supply of insects.

For some Northern Beaches residents this can be quite scary. They will end up calling Jim’s Pest Control to put some preventative measures in place.

A general pest treatment will normally keep these pests at bay for months.

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