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To get in touch with us about any wasp problems, please call 131 546 and our friendly staff will take your details.

To get in touch with us, simply call 131 546 and our friendly staff will take your details.

Wasps are thought to be one of the nastiest creatures. It seems that they will just come and sting you for no real reason. Many people believe they wait in ambush, for you to walk past.

Their stings can be particularly painful. Unlike bees who will just sting once and then die, wasps can sting multiple times, without dying. This makes them a terrifying creature.

The truth of the mater is that they are simply defending their nests.

Wasp Exterminator

A wasp exterminator is often the safest option

Wasps have brilliant eyesight. Even when you open a door to go outside it is likely you would have been noticed.

If you ever get close enough to a nest you will often see one wasp staring straight at you. If they start to twitch their wings, it is time for you to move away.

Venture to close to them and you will soon find out how much pain they can inflict. Due to their great eyesight it can be quite difficult to treat them without getting stung.

Therefore, most Sydneysiders would prefer to get a professional in, like Jim’s Pest Control.

Wasps make good pest controllers

An interesting fact is that some wasps make good pest controllers. For people who are afraid of spiders, mud wasps are great allies to have around.

The reason being these wasps build a mud cocoon on your walls. When it is almost complete, they will go and capture a spider. They will carry it back and stuff it into the cocoon.

Unfortunately for the spider, they will lay an egg on them as well. When the egg hatches the larvae will consume the spider in the process of turning into another wasp.

So, in one sense, wasps are the original organic pest controllers. You just must put up with the mud cocoons on your walls.

Night-time is the best time for DYI treatments

Many people make the mistake of tackling wasps during the day. This is not a great idea as their eyesight is extremely good. People who attempt this often end up at the doctors after dozens of stings.

The best time to tackle wasps is during the night. During the day, work out where the nest is that needs treating. Then when night falls, cover up all exposed skin and then quickly go to the aera. Give the nest a blast of an aerosol spray and then quickly leave the area.

Importantly, do not use a torch or light, otherwise you may end up with a face full of wasps. The reason being they will fly directly towards a light source when under attack.

If this sounds to scary, then simply call Jim’s Pest Control and your local tech can come out and deal with them.


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