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The Inner West of Sydney is well known for is restaurants and cafes. Most of the buildings that line the streets are old and often heritage listed.

Underground the infrastructure like sewers and storm water drains are old as well. These areas provide the ideal environment for pests to thrive in.

Rats and cockroaches often use these drains to travel about the area. It is quite common for homes and restaurants to get invaded during the summer months by these pests.

Pest Control Hills District – Jim’s are the trusted experts

Jim’s Pest Control are the leading experts when it comes to pest control solutions. Our technicians spend an extensive amount of time training on the latest products.

As with technology, the pest control industry is continually improving. Previously pest controllers would simply blanket spray and area to eliminate all pests. Unfortunately, it also eliminated other species.

The manufacturers of professional pest control products saw the need to change. They are now developing a more targeted approach in relation to product development.

This means that we have products available know, that will treat and eliminate only the pest which is causing a problem.

Our Hills District pest control technicians attend training sessions every 6 weeks to learn about these advancements. They learn how to effectively apply these products.

Therefore, Jim’s Pest Control in the Hills District are the trusted experts when in comes to effective treatments.

New housing developments disturb pests

When land is cleared for new housing developments, no-one stops to consider the pests. Often trees are pushed over and soil is stripped bare, exposing pests.

Have you ever thought about the pests that were living there?

Termites, spiders, ants, rats, possums and birds all call these areas home. As their homes are destroyed, they will quickly look for shelter.

Homes and businesses around these developments can soon be overrun by the homeless pests.

Prevention is the best form of pest control

Have you every heard of the saying “that prevention is better than a cure”?

The same thing can also be said about pests. If you can prevent pests from entering your home, it is a lot better than having to treat it after.

As pests can breed up in vast numbers quickly, often by the time you notice them, you will already have a well-established population.

By simply having an annual or 6 monthly general pest treatment, this can keep those pests at bay.

In the case of termites, it can be a simple as putting in place physical barriers during construction. If the home or granny flat is already built, then an early detection monitoring system may be the only option.

To get a better idea of what preventative measure can be put in place, please talk to your local technician.

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