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Western Sydney is a rapidly growing area. In recent years with have seen housing development explode in numbers.

Lands are being cleared at a rapid rate of knots to make way for new homes. This makes housing affordable in the area which has resulted in many families moving here.

Clearing land for new homes and businesses sounds like a great idea, but have you ever thought about what lives there?

Many native animals are displaced by clearing. Pest’s homes are destroyed as well, and it does not take long before they move into nearby structures.

Jim’s Pest Control Western Sydney, finding hidden pests

Typically, when land is cleared, they simply cut down and bulldoze trees. The roots and tree stumps are then often buried by soil.

When new homes are built, gardens are added, and regularly watered. This water then seeps down to the buried tree stumps and roots.

To a termite, you have just created the perfect home for them to establish their colony. As a bonus you have built a great food source above them.

It is not long before they will enter you home from underneath, through cracks or unprotected pipes.

All though this sounds a bit farfetched, it is exactly what has happened to some homes in areas like Jordan Springs.

Our local Jim’s Pest Control Western Sydney technicians know all too well these stories. They have been the ones to deal with the aftermath of these hidden demolition experts.

Advancements in the pest industry

As with just about everything, there have been some massive advancements in the pest control industry.

We are now more concerned with the impact on our environment. Products are now being developed that will target the pests that are causing an issue.

For example, termite baiting is now the best option at eliminating these destructive pests. It works by them feeding on the highly palatable bait. They then take it back to the colony where it is fed to others.

Unfortunately for the termites the bait contains a growth regulator which stops them moulting. This in turn causes the termites to die within a few weeks.

Dealing with termites this way is great, as we do not affect any other beneficial insects or animals.

Training, key to outstanding results

With the development of these new products it is extremely important to understand how to apply them. Our technicians attend training sessions every 6 weeks on these new products.

They learn how to apply them and what situations they will be most effective. Testing of the products is important, as what claims are made maybe different to actual results.

Only after extensive testing, in a wide range of situations will we use it to treat pests.

This is the main reason why your local Jim’s Pest Control Western Sydney technicians constantly deliver outstanding results. We are the go-to experts that locals trust.

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