Termite treatment costs will depend on several factors. There are a lot of different ways to treat termites as well. It is best to contact your local Jim’s Pest Control technician to discuss what would be the best option for you.

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Treatments for termites will depend on what species of termites you have. Where the termites are located can dictate what treatment will be most effective.

In Australian there are well over 300 different species of termites. The size of their colonies can vary from a few hundred, to hundreds of thousands.

It is important to understand the species of termites you are dealing with. Therefore, most people will call in an expert pest control technician like Jim’s to identify them.

Termite treatment costs depend on colony size and location

Termite treatment costs are dictated by the size of the colony you have. Species like Coptotermes can have colonies of up to four hundred thousand. Other species like Heterotermes will only have small colony of two to three hundred.

The way a professional pest controller approaches these colonies will obviously be different.

Heterotermes can simply be dusted. As the colony is only small, this is a very effective and cheap way of dealing with them.

Coptotermes are typically baited out. This will involve placing a bait box on the active termites. The bait will need to be checked weekly for consumption levels. It can take up to six to eight weeks to eliminate the colony.

So, the amount of time that a Sydney technician spends on treating the active termites will affect the termite treatment costs.

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Preventative measures to avoid termite treatment costs

With so much known about how destructive termites are in Sydney, preventative measures are now becoming the norm. Homeowners are now choosing to protect their homes from future termite attacks.

This protection can be one of three things. Firstly, it might be preconstruction physical barriers. Other options will include chemical barriers or termite detection systems.

Physical barriers

These physical barriers are as the name suggest. They are a barrier that is put place around pipe penetrations and perimeters to stop termite entering homes.

This is only done during construction.

Chemical barriers

The second measure that people may decided on is a chemical barrier. This is where a technician applies a chemical spray to subfloors and injects chemicals around the perimeter. It stops termites from entering the home through the treated zones, however it does have its limitations.

Termite detection systems

Termite Monitoring systems are the final and most popular way of protecting homes from termites. These systems are an early detection system, that finds termites before they get to you home.

Once discovered, a bait is provided to them that has a growth regulator in it. This simple stops the termites from growing by preventing them moulting. As they are not able to moult, they will soon die.

The result from baiting termites is that you can eliminate the colony. This is something that chemical barriers can’t do.

As monitoring systems are very effective, many companies will offer timber replacement warranties on their systems.

If you would like to know more about the options available to you then simply discuss this with your local Jim’s technician.

How do I get an accurate cost?

The only true way to find out how much a termite treatment cost will be, is to get a Jim’s Pest Control Sydney technician to visit site.

He or she will assess your situation, determine what species of termites you have. From this they will be able to give you several options on what can be done.