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As the name suggests roof rats live in roof voids. They are the ones that are responsible for the noises you hear in the middle of the night.

Often their noise is so loud that Jim’s Pest Control clients, in Sydney, think they have a possum. They are quite surprised when the local tech lets them know, they have roof rats.

As with any pest, you must firstly understand why they are there. Removing the reasons for them being there often results in them moving on.

Your local Jim’s Pest Control technician can give you more advice about this.

how to get rid of roof rats

How to get rid of roof rats starts with removing food source

As with all animals and pests, they are driven by needs. These can be put into three categories. They are:

  1. shelter
  2. food
  3. reproduction

If all three are present, roof rats can breed up in vast numbers.

Regarding shelter, roof voids is the place they like to live. Unfortunately, it is impossible to seal a roof up to prevent them from entering. They can squeeze through holes just a few centimetres in diameter.

Roof rats’ diets mainly consists of fruit, nuts, and seeds. Large brown snails are favoured by these pesky critters. Many a Jim’s Pest Control tech has come across snail graveyards in Sydney roofs.

If the opportunity presents itself, they will readily eat meat.

A simple way you can get rid of roof rats is to remove their food source. Picking fruit and vegetables as soon as they are ripe will help. Any unwanted or spoiled fruit should be removed as soon as possible.

Use snail bait or salt to reduce the population of snails is another great idea.

Often you will need to call a local pest controller, like Jim’s, to eradicate your problem.

Damaging Rats

Are there any suburbs in Sydney which do not have rats?

Our lifestyle and waste handling practices has led to them getting well established in Sydney. Dropped rubbish and overflowing rubbish bins have been a huge windfall for these pests.

Most people cannot comprehend exactly how bad the problem is in Sydney. The main reason behind this is that these rats only venture out after dark.

As they are a timid creature, the slightest noise will send the scurrying back to their hiding spot. They will only emerge after the danger has passed.

If you want to know how bad they are, simply venture out in the early hours of the morning with a torch. You are likely to spot quite a few. Now you will know the size of the problem a pest controller faces.


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