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Having ants invade your home is what many people fear.

The sheer fact that you have these pesky little creatures invading you home is very upsetting to most people.

While they don’t typically attack humans, they will however spoil food. It can be quite unpleasant discovering a pile of ants in your pantry.

Once they have stumbled across the gold mine of food, they can be hard to get rid of.

Ants in house

Ants in house problems start from just one

Often ants will send out single scouts to survey the surrounding area. These brave individuals will randomly scour their environment looking for food.

A kitchen is usual the first stop. Crumbs dropped on the floor leave clues for ants that there could be a gold mine of food awaiting them.

One ant will soon send for back up and within minutes you can have several running around. You can guarantee that shortly they will discover the pantry.

Any open food packets or containers will be irresistible to them. Shortly after, ants in the house numbers will swell to epic proportions. They will remain until the food source is depleted or removed.

Simple things you can do to help stop them invading your home

As with all pests in Sydney there is reasons why they are invading your home. Often the simplest way to deal with them is to remove the reason why they are coming in.

Some great tips that you can do to reduce the number of ants in your home are:

Wipe bench tops down after food preparation

Clean dishes or put them in the dishwasher after each meal

Store goods in pantry in airtight containers

Wash floors daily to remove any spilt food

Wipe down the outside of honey and jam jars

Remove any uneaten pet food.

These are just some of the quick and easy things you can do to reduce ants in your home.

Protein or sugar, knowing what they are feeding on

Ants can be one of those pests in Sydney that can be very frustrating. Just killing a few does not send a strong enough message to the nest.

Often, they will just keep sending workers and sacrifice them to work out how to get into your home. Homeowners try everything to get rid of them, but they just seem to keep coming back.

This is when a professional like Jim’s Pest Control is called. Our technicians will examine the areas being affected and determine what species they are.

They will then work out why they are there and what they are feeding on. A simple professional bait product is then applied, to which the ants flock. The army of ants in the house then simply carry the bait back to the nest.

In some cases, sprays may be used in combination with baits and this will depend on ant species.

Elimination is quite quick and often withing 24 hours. Sydney clients usually can’t believe at how quickly we can get them under control.

Wandering Ants