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Cockroaches are an age-old problem. It does not matter where you go in the world, you will find cockroaches.

They are the most annoying pest. Often Sydney residents think that they can resurrect themselves. As you kill one cockroach, it is assured that a few days later you will find another one the same size.

It has been touted that even a nuclear bomb will not kill them. So, people who try to treat cockroaches themselves have truly little success.

This is when a cockroach exterminator, like Jim’s Pest Control experts, must be called.

Cockroach Exterminator

An experienced cockroach exterminator knows where they hide

Cockroaches have a nasty habit of appearing out on nowhere. Often Sydney residents only discover them at night-time.

Typically, this is when you go to get a drink of water in the middle of the night. As you turn the lights on in the kitchen, these critters can be seen scurrying everywhere.

When a cockroach exterminator arrives on site, they will often go directly to the source. They know where they hide and places like the back of the fridge is the first place that is checked.

The other places they like to hide is under kitchen sinks and in cupboards.

It is not uncommon for our technicians to discover thousands of cockroaches living in a home.

Disease Carrying Cockroaches

But, WHY are they in your home?

Cockroaches live in people’s homes as it provides all the essential things that they require. Food is often provided in the form of dirty dishes and rubbish bins.

Warmth and water are provided from fridge and freezer motors. Often this is the first place we will look.

Your home is the perfect spot for them to raise their families and a cockroach family is big.

How quickly do cockroaches breed?

Cockroaches are prolific breeders. In fact, a single egg sack can contain up to 32 youngsters. They will hatch in 14 days from the time the egg sack was laid.

A couple of weeks later they will reach maturity and be able to start having their own families.

So, one pair of cockroaches can turn into hundreds within a few short months.

Sydney subfloors are a problem

Most of Sydney homes and businesses are built with subfloors. This is typically a dark, damp environment that very few things venture into.

The only common pest you will spot there is cockroaches. Typically, big American cockroaches live there. When a subfloor is dusted these can come pouring out of vents.

This can cause some distress to owners and the sheer number and size can be terrifying