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Holsworthy is probably best known for the Holsworthy Australian Army Barracks. To locals the area has so much more to offer.

Being just of the M5 the suburb is easily access for residents. You could say that we are on an island as we have Anzac & William Creeks which surround Holsworthy and Wattle Grove.

We are surrounded by trees and creeks which is a haven for native animals. It is quite surprising how many native species you will spot as you wander around.

There are just as many pests living here but often they will not venture out until dark. If you would like to know what pests are lurking, then simply ask your local Jim’s Termite & Pest Control technician.

Jim’s Pest Control Holsworthy mosquito haven

Our local business owners know only too well that where you have stagnant water like Lakeside Park, you have a breeding ground for mosquito’s. You certainly do not want to be near these parks on sunset.

The abundance of mosquito’s is a windfall for spiders and other insects. During the Summer months they feed on these swarms of insects. As the conditions are right, they can establish themselves in significant numbers and the overflow ends up in yards.

Clients in the area get very distressed when spiders start to invade. A quick phone call to Jim’s will usually resolve the issue.

The treatments our local techs apply are long lasting and well know for keeping the spiders under control for months. Most Wattle Grove residents find it is enough to get their home treated once a year.

Bin chickens and rats

When we think of bin chickens a white bird comes to mind. You will often see them on top of bins picking through our leftovers. No-one ever gives a thought to where they sleep at night.

It might surprise you to learn that they often nest on islands in the water ways we create. They are a messy bird and chicks often drop unwanted food to the ground.

If you are near one of these rookeries just on dark, you are likely to see a small army of rats invading the ground. They scavenge any discarded food and have even been known to take small chicks and eggs.

Their rat numbers quickly build up and the excess often move into warehouses and homes in the area. While warehouses have rat and mice programs in place to keep numbers down, residential homes don’t.

Local residents often report to our local techs that they are suddenly hearing noises in the roof. Our technicians know only to well that the cause of this is rats.

For the client a quick fix can be put in place to get them back under control, it may require two visits. The bait is only palatable for 6 to 9 months and annual baiting program is recommended.

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