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North Shore in Sydney is one of the most desirable places to live. Local residents enjoy the same great views that our Prime Minster enjoys from Kirribilli House.

The area is surrounded on all sides by water. There are some great hidden bays with beautiful white sandy beaches. Only locals will know how to access these hidden gems.

Pests frequent this area as well but unlike us they are not drawn here for the views. The shoreline provides the opportunity to search for food that may have been washed up by the changing tides.

People are unlikely to spot these pests and they usually only venture out after dark. Only an expert local Pest Controller like Jim’s knows what’s lurking in the bushes.

Jim’s Pest Control North Shore; we know where pests hide

During the daylight hours, pests will often be held up somewhere safe and warm. If possible they will have a water source close by.

Places like drains and sewers are where our technicians often find these pests. From here they are able to spread throughout our community.

They will often pop into restaurants and homes in the area. Again they will only venture in, once all of the lights have been turned out.

Blood curdling screams often means pests

If you hear a blood curdling scream it is likely that someone has just turned their lights on in their kitchen and have seen pests everywhere.

Cockroaches love kitchens as it provides just the right size shelter in form of cracks and crevices. As they scamper across your benches they will often find an amply food supply. A leaking tap with provide them with fresh drinking water.

Jim’s knows how upsetting these pests can be and it is why we are contactable 7 days a week, up to 8pm. We have even made it easier to get in touch with us by simply filling out an online enquiry form.

Best training practices delivers outstanding results

Training our Jim’s technicians in the most current pest control products on the market delivers great results for our clients.

Our technicians attend training sessions every 6 weeks with suppliers. Suppliers are constantly striving to develop products that deliver better results, using fewer chemicals.

The world is becoming very conscious of the impact that chemicals are having on the environment.

Pest Control North Shore: We are committed to using less chemicals, whilst still delivering outstanding results

Jim’s, is committed to use less chemicals in our environment. We achieve this by deploying better techniques that only target the pest that is of concern.

For example: if a client has ants, we are likely to use professional ant bait. It works by feeding the ants and then they carrying it back to the nest. Within a few days, total colony elimination has occurred.

This means we are able to achieve quicker, better results for our clients, while significantly reducing our impact on the environment.

So many people are now calling Jim’s Pest Control North Shore because of this commitment.

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