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German cockroaches can be one of the most persistent pests. Like a scene from a scary movie, they seem to multiply as soon as one is killed.

Most Sydney residents do not realise they have cockroaches until it is too late. They are a very secretive creature and typically only venture out at night.

If you are walking around Sydney harbour after dark you will spot them everywhere. Hanging around storm water drains is where you will often find them.

They are not however just limited to the outside environment. Jim’s Pest Control get several calls a day regarding these disgusting pests.

german cockroach pest control

German cockroach pest control – what you can do?

With German cockroaches they can invade any property. To do this, they adopt the trojan horse approach.

By that we mean that they hide inside cardboard boxes and packaging. The corrugated fluting is an ideal place for nymphs or eggs to be hidden in. You will then unknowingly transport them into your home or business.

Under the cover of darkness, they will quickly disperse and find shelter in nooks and crannies. From there they will only emerge at night to feast on any food scraps you may have dropped.

The best way of stopping them from entering your home in the first place is to quickly unpack your boxes. Then simply take those boxes out to the rubbish bins.

Disease Carrying Cockroaches

How quickly do they breed?

Cockroaches can breed very quickly. They can lay an egg sack every 14 days. In the case of German cockroaches, the egg sack can contain up to 32 youngsters.

Eggs can hatch 14 days after being laid. These newly hatched cockroaches will then reach breeding age 14 days later.

So, if you do the sums, one pair of German Cockroaches can turn into thousands in just a few short months.

If you spot one, what should you do?

If you spot just one cockroach at night, it is an indication that you may not have very many. However, if you spot one during the day it is likely that you have an infestation.

The reason behind this is that cockroaches do not venture out into the daylight. Only if the harbourages are full will they be forced into the light.

Either way as soon as you spot one you should have it dealt with quickly. In most cases it is best to call a local professional pest control company likes Jim’s. We will be able to get you German cockroaches under control quickly with minimum fuss.

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