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Liverpool is a rapidly growing part of Sydney. It is well known for its high density living with numerous apartments being built.

There are lots of recreational facilities in the area and parks that are enjoyed by locals. To the south east there are warehouses at which many Liverpool locals work in.

North east of Liverpool you can find the Warwick Farm Race course, one of the premier racehorse facilities in Sydney.

While these close by facilities are great for employment they are the ideal structures for pests.

Jim’s Pest Control Liverpool – trusted by locals

Jim’s Pest Control Liverpool as been providing pest control services to residents for years. As our technicians are locals they understand where pests like to hide in our community.

The Liverpool area has a wide range of nationalities. Most people have never seen or had to deal with the pests that we have here in Australia.

Often when Liverpool locals discover pests they just don’t know where to start. They often even have trouble correctly identifying the pests.

At Jim’s Pest Control Liverpool we understand this. We will answer phone calls quickly and will ask some questions to help us identify the pests. More often than not we will also be happy to attend site to help with the identification process.

It is important to correctly identify the pest first so that we will be able to give an accurate quote on pest eradication. Our technicians will always explain why the pests are there and what you can do to help.

This is why so many Liverpool locals now trust Jim’s to eradicate any pests they may have.

Waterways are a highway for pests

Waterways while are great to walk along or play around are a highway for pests.

Lakes and rivers have long been known as a source of insects like flies and mosquitoes. These breed up in vast numbers during warmer weather. This in turn will attract spiders and other pests.

These other pests will feed on the abundance supply of insects. Using the waterways banks they will travel along them looking for shelter.

Most of the homes and factories in Liverpool that back onto parks and waterways are constantly being invaded by these pests.

Often Jim’s Pest Control is called out to put in place pest control management programs to keep these under control.

Feeding birds may seem like a good idea

There is a large part of the Liverpool community that feels sorry for birds like pigeons. They will often feed these birds to help them survive.

The problem is that these birds will rapidly breed, especially with the amply food supply on offer. They will nest in warehouses, balconies and roofs, causing all sorts of issues for these property owners.

Most people do not consider that these birds carry a wide range of diseases that are harmful to humans. So by feeding them and allowing them to breed, has significantly increased the likelihood of these diseases being spread.

Jim’s Pest Control Liverpool is often getting call outs to eradicate pigeons especially when they have breed up in vast numbers.

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