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Tackling a possum problem, yourself in Sydney may seem like a good idea. It is however likely to cost you more that getting a professional in.

Possums are a protected species in Australia, so before you start you will need to find out about the government regulations.

In Sydney you are required to have a trapping permit. There are several strict rules that you must follow. Failure to do so could result in hefty fines.

If you contact, your local pest control provider they will inform you of what is required.

How to get rid of possums

How to get rid of possums the easy way

There are two main ways to remove possums out of your roof. The easiest way is to use a possum trap.

Place the possum trap in your roof void, where the possum frequents. A nice ripe apple is a great bait, to lure the possum into the trap.

Once the possum is caught, simply take them outside and release them. Before you release them, you should seal up the entrance point, otherwise the possum will return.

The second way possums can be removed is by placing a one-way door over the entrance point. This operates in a similar way to a pet door. However, in this case they can only go out and are unable to come back in.

A word of caution on this approach. Possums are extraordinarily strong and unless the door is very secure, they may tend to rip it apart.

Possums are persistent little critters

Even if you can proof up the entrance point, it may not be the end of your possum problems.

Just imagine that someone put you out your front door and locked the door behind you. You would be terribly upset and would walk around your home trying to work out a way to get in. Eventually you would even consider breaking in.

When a possum is put outside, they have the same thoughts. Often, they will walk around and tug and chew on places, to see it they can get in. They have even been known to lift roof tiles to gain access.

This is the reason why most possum eviction efforts fail.

Experience counts regarding successful possum eviction

Possums can be tricky pests to get rid of. A person who is constantly dealing with them will have a distinct advantage.

As they trap and remove possums weekly, they will know the best way to tackle your problem. They will be able to identify areas where possums are getting in, that you are unaware of.

Clients in Sydney love the fact that our technicians can usually get the problem fixed within a few days. This is the main reason why so many people use Jim’s Pest Control.


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