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The Blue Mountains is one of the best known attractions in New South Wales. Sydneysiders and tourists flock to the area to wonder and embrace the natural environment. Almost all people lose track of time looking at the spectacular views.

Locals live in the area for the same reason and often build their homes to take advantage of the views.

What people who live in the area, don’t consider is a large pest population calls the Blue Mountains home.

Blue Mountain residents often clear blocks and remove trees to build their dream homes. This clearing comes at a cost however as it often destroys pests homes.

Pest like termites, ants, spiders and possums are often made homeless by clearing. They will quickly find shelter in other homes, sheds and businesses close by.

This has lead to a large number of Blue Mountain residents calling Jim’s to get these pests evicted.

Jim’s Pest Control Blue Mountains – professional experts

Blue Mountain locals know firsthand how hard it is to get good professional experts. In Sydney there are oodles of pest controllers. Some will travel up occasionally to the Blue Mountains but often charge absorbent fees to even come and look.

This places locals at a distinct disadvantage and often they have to settle for second best.

Jim’s Pest Control has recognised that the Blue Mountain residents deserve better. This is why we have extensively trained a local, to be able to delivery effective pest control at reasonable prices.

For this reason, Blue Mountains locals are now calling Jim’s to get their pest control needs met.

Termites abundant in the area

The large amounts of fallen timber in the National Parks provide an ample food source for termites. This food source is often not the most desirable for termites.

Homes in the area are often built using softwoods like pine in their construction. This is a high value food source for termites and yummier than the hardwoods lying around.

This has resulted in significant damage to a large number of homes in the Blue Mountains.

Our local technicians understand how termites sneak into homes. They are the trusted experts that can put in place termite treatments to protect your biggest investment.

Possums and rats seek shelter from Snow

Cold weather arrives in the Blue Mountain and everyone stokes up their fires to keep themselves warm. Quite often you and your children will scurry inside to get out of the cold air.

Pest like possums and rats are no different to us. When it rains or even snows these pests will quickly seek shelter. Often they will shelter in Blue Mountains residents roof voids.

We always know when the weather is changing as the number of phone calls Jim’s gets, from distress locals sharply rises.

Locals know and trust that Jim’s will be able to move or fix any pest issues they may have.

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