Jim’s is your local pest control Campbelltown expert. Our techs servicing this growing area South of Sydney are experienced, fully trained, and insured. You can trust the Jim’s name to help you with any pest problem.

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Campbelltown is a rapidly growing part of Sydney. More people are moving into the area due to our housing affordability.

The area is rapidly expanding and new housing subdivisions are popping up on every hill. While people are building their dream homes, some other residents are being displaced.

Pests like termites, ants, rats and possums have live in the Campbelltown area for years. Several generations of pests have called this area home.

When land is cleared these pests are often disturbed. They will quickly seek shelter nearby which is often in new homes.

Jim’s gets so many calls daily from locals in distressed that have found pests in their home.

Jim’s Pest Control Campbelltown – the trusted name

Jim’s Pest Control Campbelltown is the experts that locals trust to fix any pest issue. We have been servicing the area since 2011.

Our technicians are trained in all aspects of pest control. We think this is very important as you do not want someone to miss the early signs of pests.

For example: someone who is not trained in termites will not spot mud tracks or flight holes in homes.

Termites are very secretive and early warning signs are often missed by the untrained eye. Clients are quite surprised when one of our technicians points out these signs.

Quite often clients will mention that other pest control Campbelltown companies did not report this. If they are lucky there is only slight damage, but in most cases there is significant termite damage.

This could have been avoided if only the person had used a technician who was fully trained.

Our environment ideal for pests

Due to our surrounding environment we have an abundance of pests in the area. Dams around Campbelltown provide water sources for pests like mosquitoes and pigeons.

Farmlands and stock in the area will enhance the breeding potential of flies. During the summer months the area can be inundated with flies and mosquitoes.

Jim’s Pest Control Campbelltown fully understands how annoying these pests can be. This is why our technicians have trained in the most up to date techniques to deal with these pests.

Ants can be very persistent pests

Ants can be the most annoying pests that our Campbelltown community faces. It seems that they are almost resistance to any store brought product. Many people try to treat them themselves spraying areas only to find them popping up somewhere else.

The main reason the DYI treatments are unsuccessful is that you are only killing a handful of ants. In a colony there can be tens of thousands.

Jim’s Pest Control Campbelltown has been effectively eliminating these pests for years. We find by baiting the ants with a highly desirable food source enables us to deliver effective ant control in days.

In combination with say a general pest treatment, we can keep these pests at bay for most of the year.

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