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A mouse infestation can be an exceedingly difficult problem to solve. Once they have found a warm dry place, they will soon set up home.

They will seek out your pantry and start to consider your food, as their own. As they have sharp teeth, they can easily chew through packaging and plastic containers.

There is nothing worse than discovering droppings and urine in your home.

how to get rid of roof mice in your house

How to get rid of mice in your house starts with entrance points

They typically do not live inside your home because people moving around scares them. Often you will only discover the evidence of where they have been.

To treat mice successfully, you must find out where they are accessing you home. Places that they are likely to be coming in are:

  • Under external doors
  • Squishing under the garage door
  • Coming out around gas pipe fittings in the kitchen

A good pest control technician will check all these spots first.

Once you have located the entrance points, you will need to seal these up. There are many options on how this can be done, and a local pest controller can give you some great advice.

Cockroach infestation leads to mouse infestation

Most people think that your typical mouse feeds on cereal based foods, and, in fact grains and bread can make up a large portion of their diets.

What is not commonly known is that they are carnivorous. If the opportunity arises, they will devour meat. It is well documented that they will eat each other in times of plagues.

A favourite food amongst mice is another pest, the cockroach. Most clients who have cockroach control problems are shocked to find at least one mouse in their home as well.

Your local Jim’s Pest Controller knows only too well that these small rodents will be present as well on cockroach infestations.

Where they live in your home

Most people think that mice live inside our cupboards or pantry. However, this is not the case.

Typically, mice will live in your walls and roof voids. They will use the cover of darkness to sneak in and raid your kitchen.

While exploring your home they will crawl over your benches. Fruit baskets are a great target, and the aroma from ripening fruit is irresistible to them.

Most people are not able to locate where they are coming in and will eventually need the help of a professional.

Jim’s Pest Control has been treating mouse control problems in homes and offices for years. We are the go-to experts that locals trust will fix their issues.