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Lithgow is most commonly known for its mining and power station. It is surrounded by the Blue Mountains and various National Parks.

Most people just drive through our town on the way to Bathurst or Orange and only stop for food on the way.

Locals that live here love the laid-back lifestyle we enjoy and love catching up with friends and family.

On the weekends you will find most locals enjoying the outdoors especially during summer. Trail bike riding and tackling 4WD tracks is what most residents enjoy doing.

During the winter months it can get quite cold and wet which ends up driving pests into homes and businesses.

This is where a quick phone call to Jim’s can get it sorted.

Pest Control Lithgow can be challenging

The weather conditions in Lithgow can be very challenging. Rains and strong winds can make it almost impossible for technicians to apply treatments.

Often appointments will need to be changed as the weather has turned bad. On the odd occasion, we can even get snow which makes it interesting getting around.

Pests typically don’t like cold weather and quickly seek shelter in local businesses and homes. They are invited in by the warm air that is escaping through gaps under doors and around windows.

Sealing up these gaps will often fix most problems and your local Jim’s technician will have some other good advice.

Once the entrance points have been sealed up you must then deal with the pests that have already entered. This is often when Jim’s Pest Control is called in.

Products that deliver outstanding results

All Jim’s Termite & Pest Control technicians spend extensive amount of time training with a senior expert. They are trained in what are the most up to date techniques and products available on the market.

Every 6 weeks they have a meeting with other franchisees in NSW to discuss the latest developments in the industry. They share information and stories about how products are working in various situations. This is extremely important as it allows technicians to know the best way to use products.

A bonus is that we learn about what products do not achieve the desired results claimed by the sales rep. As we all know, sales reps are good at peddling newly released product are the best and leaves the opposition in its wake. However, they rarely live up to the hype.

This is why most people would rather use Jim’s for all their pest control needs as we only use the best products that deliver best results.

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