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There is no worse feeling than seeing a spider run across your floor. You may, if you’re “lucky”, get a quick glimpse of them before they vanish into thin air.

For the next several hours you will search in vain for this scary little monster. Even trying to sleep will be impossible.

It still surprises us how many people search Google for a spider exterminator in the middle of the night.

Jim’s Pest Control often get enquiries in the early hours of the morning through our online quote form.

Feed back we receive often shows that clients are pleasantly surprised at how quickly we will respond to someone in distress.

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A spider exterminator builds a “moat” to stop them

The best way to stop spiders from entering your home is to put in place a barrier that they will not cross. It acts in a similar way to a moat. That is, if a spider decides to cross the chemical barrier, then they will die from the treated surface.

Spiders are forewarned that a chemical treatment is in place. At Jim’s Pest Control our technicians use repellent chemicals on external surfaces.

As repellent chemical name suggests, it acts by repelling spiders. They can sense that the chemical is there and will avoid the surface.

If, however you have a determined spider that crosses it, they will be soon affected by the product.

How often should I have surfaces treated?

Chemicals these days have a shorter lifespan than in years gone by. This has been purposely done to ensure these products have a minimal effect on the environment.

For outside treatments, depending on the product used it can last between 3 and 6 months. On internal areas the treatment can last longer.

The reason for this is that our chemicals are now mainly based on synthetic pyrethroids. (plant-based extracts, synthesised in the lab)

If you are worried about spiders, you should consider having the external parts of home sprayed every 6 months. As the internal sprays last longer, you can get away with an annual spray.

Knowing what spider you have

As with all pest control treatments it is extremely important to understand what pest you have. This is particularly important with spiders.

White tipped spiders tend to freak people out. They are a predatory spider and do not form webs. Instead they will hunt in the open for food.

Typically, you will find them in a roof void. They only enter a home if their population is too great or they fall through a light fitting.

Red back spiders love to build webs at the base of buildings. They are quite common in sheds and garages. They put down their messy webs and wait for a meal to wander by.

So, as you can see, these two spiders have vastly different behaviours.

Your local Jim’s Pest Control technician will be able to determine what spider you have. They will be able to put in place an effective treatment that will keep them at bay.


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