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The eastern suburbs of Sydney have changed dramatically over the past few years. High-rise apartments are being built in the area at a rapid rate of knots.

This has lead to a dramatic increase in the number of people living here. Many restaurants and food outlets have been able to establish themselves in the area to cater for this increase in population.

With the rise in number of people calling the eastern suburbs home it has coincided with an increase in pest numbers. More rubbish and new buildings is the ideal environment for pests to breed in.

This is why Jim’s Pest Control Eastern Suburbs has seen a significant rise in the number of people seeking help with pest control.

Jim’s Pest Control Eastern Suburbs – local knowledge

To achieve the most effective pest control results it is important that the service provider have a great knowledge. Knowledge can be divided into three areas.

Firstly they should have knowledge about the area and how pest behave in the community. This will save a substantial amount of time as the local technician will know exactly where to look for pests.

Secondly they should know about the most recent pest control products on the market. The pest control industry like others is rapidly changing. There are new products being released weekly.

Thirdly and most importantly, knowing when and where to use a product to achieve the desired result.

All of our technicians must attend training every 6 weeks to learn about these new products. They will even be able to test the products on test sites before deciding to use them on their clients.

This knowledge is why so many people are now using Jim’s Pest Control Eastern Suburbs for all the pest control needs.

Common pests in apartments

Ants, possums, rats and mice have been well established on the Central Coast for years. The native bushlands around are the perfect environment for them to breed in. The overflow quickly finds its way in to homes and businesses.

With the introduction of more eating venues in the area we have seen a significant rise in the number of cockroaches. These cockroaches often find their way back to homes.

Typically, German cockroaches will invade kitchens in restaurants and homes. If left unchecked they will double in numbers rapidly.

Only a true local like Jim’s will have an understanding of these common pests.

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