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Eastern Suburbs Pest ControlThe eastern suburbs of Sydney are one of the best places to live. We have fantastic beaches like Bondi and Coogee.

Locals love these areas for the warm sands and clean blue water. Tourists from all over the world flock to this area as well as they want to experience the lifestyle that locals enjoy.

As with any area of Sydney that sees large numbers of foot traffic, rubbish can be an issue. Often discarded food will quickly be swooped on by seagulls.

Seagulls are an obvious pest, but there are many other pests that Jim’s Eastern Suburbs Pest Control deals with daily.

Jim’s Eastern Suburbs Pest Control: common pests we see

Ants are prolific in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. They are persistent pests and many people have tried to get rid of them with sprays from the supermarkets.

The sprays work by repelling the insect or ant away from an area. The ants can actually detect that the chemical is on the surface and will avoid it. This results in the ants popping up somewhere else in the house or property.

Baiting is the only truly effective way to rid of your ants. Jim’s are called daily from people who have tried everything to stop them.

They are quite surprised that a Jim’s Pest Control technician is able eliminate them within days.

A wide range of other pests call the eastern suburbs home as well. Rats, mice, fleas, flies, termites, bedbugs in fact every pest you can think have been found in the area.

Your local Jim’s Eastern Suburb Pest Control technician is very knowledgably in all these pests. We will have an effective solution for any pest.

Bedbugs causing massive issues 

Bedbugs are fast becoming a major issue for eastern suburbs pest control technicians. With the influx of tourists and backpackers, Jim’s has steadily seen a rise in enquiries.

These pests can be particularly hard to get under control. The reason for this is due to a lot of people trying to treat bedbugs themselves.

Products that are brought from supermarkets and hardware shops often are not applied correctly. The result is bedbugs are being made sick but not killed. Eventually they build up resistance to these chemicals.

This makes the job more difficult for eastern suburb pest control technicians. Often they will have to use stronger chemicals that are only available to professional Sydney pest controllers.

Busy lifestyles means less time for house choirs

Our lives are becoming very busy and in most families both partners work full time. There is less time available to the choirs around the home. The last thing eastern suburb residents want to do is something like pest control.

This is why so many people are now calling Jim’s to get their pest control needs met. They would rather call Jim’s in, to quickly get rid of their pests, than attempt to do it themselves.

As a bonus, our technicians will often offer warranties on their work. Our clients love this and it gives them great peace of mind.

So, if you want a local pest control expert to help you with your pest or termite control requirements, please call Jim’s on 131 546, or use the contact form here to get in touch.

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