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Bondi is a well recognised part of Sydney. If you ask any person about where they would like to visit in Sydney they will always answer Bondi.

It is world renowned for its white sandy beach and relaxed beach lifestyle. Tourists rank it as the number one destination in Australia and a steady stream of them pour onto the beach daily.

This increase in traffic has been a win fall for pests and seagulls. Overflowing rubbish bins provide a smorgasbord of food for them to choose from.

Cliff areas and locals parks provide the ideal spots for pests to hide. On nightfall these pests can be seen scurrying around feasting on any dropped food.

Jim’s Pest Control Bondi – pests use stormwater drains

Storm water drains in Bondi are designed to carry huge amounts of water from the eastern suburbs. When summer storms hit, these drains can be quite dangerous.

Not many people know that during the dryer periods other dangerous will be lurking in these drains.

Pests like rats and cockroaches are prolific in these drains. The moist dark environments are ideal for them to breed it.

Even more concerning is that they will use this network of drains to get about Bondi undetected. Most drains will lead to restaurants or homes in the area.

Quite often Bondi residents are amazed that the first thing out Jim’s Pest Control Bondi technicians will look at will be the drains. Any pest control treatment put in place will have consideration of these pest hot spots.

What Bondi residents can do to discourage pests?

Pest will always invade a home or business for two basic reasons. Firstly they will be in search for a good food supply. Secondly they will want to find shelter close by to hide and raise their young.

They need both of these elements to survive. For example if you take away a food source then they will have nothing to eat. If they have no shelter close by they will be quickly be picked off by predators.

So taking these two elements into consideration there will be things that people can do to discourage pests.

Some of the common actions that our Bondi technicians may ask you to do are:

  • Ensure any rubbish bin lids are pest proof
  • Empty rubbish bins daily
  • Clean kitchen benches down nightly
  • Do not leave any food our overnight
  • Remove any uneaten pet food
  • Keep an eye out for any early signs of pest activity.

Our technicians are likely to have several other suggestions that will help keep your pests under control.

The best advice we can give

The best piece of advice we can give you is when you spot a pest then get it dealt with quickly. We are often called out to cockroach infestations where the client reports spotting them months earlier.

They often say that a few months ago it was just one or two. Not realising how quickly they breed, by the time the call Jim’s Pest Control Bondi, there are thousands to deal with.

This will often require a couple of treatments to get them back under control. Jim’s are the experts that locals trust will eradicate these pests.

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