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Fairfield has long been regarded at a working-class suburb of Sydney. It has a really good mix of warehouses, retail, and a large proportion of housing units.

There are a large number of sporting fields on the banks of the Prospect Creek which is utilized by locals. During the hot summer days that we see, the water park in Fairfield Park gets quite busy.

As both parents normally work in the area it often means that pests can go unchecked. This is seen by the large numbers of cockroaches that can be found in the unit complex’s close by.

Jim’s Pest Control Fairfield are the experts when it comes to cockroaches.

Jim’s Pest Control Fairfield experts in cockroach elimination

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests we find in the area. The unit complexes are the ideal environment for them to breed in.

Did you know that an adult cockroach can lay an egg capsule that can contain up to 32 developing roaches? They can lay these eggs every 16 days. In the ideal conditions their numbers can total into the thousands. This is often when Jim’s is called to deal with the infestation.

In a unit, even if you are very clean you can still get roaches. It is often found by our techs that the cockroaches are coming from another unit, usually below or above. They use the pipes that run through the building to get from one unit to the next.

Jim’s Termite & Pest Control Fairfield know how bad the issue is and has spent years researching the best products. They are quite confident that they have the capability to fix any cockroach problem.

It is why locals now call Jim’s for all their cockroach needs.

Prospect Creek encourages pests

While having a creek close by may seem like a fantastic place to take the kids to explore, it does encourage pests. Rats and mice use creeks like this to move between homes and suburbs. Warehouses that are renowned for pests back onto theses creeks as well.

Their numbers breed up in these areas and when the rains come these creeks often flood. This causes these pests to seek shelter in higher places which is often roof voids of homes in the area.

You would be surprised how many phone calls we get when it rains in Sydney.

Meet your local business owner

Paul Azzi owns and operates the local Jim’s Termite & Pest Control Fairfield business. He has spent a large portion of time interstate learning the best pest control techniques from leading experts in the industry.

This experience has led to Paul fast becoming the go to expert in Fairfield and Cabramatta when it come pests. He is especially understanding that sometimes budgets may be tight and can offer several options to suit.

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