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The Inner West of Sydney has seen substantial changes over recent years. The 2000 Sydney Olympics’ signal the start of residential development in the area.

There were a massive number of high-rise apartments built, to cope with the influx of people.

Large warehouses in the area were demolished to make way for the new construction. Unfortunately for pests like rats, mice, pigeons and cockroaches it meant their homes were destroyed.

Even termites were evicted from the area. This has led to a lot of homeless pests moving into offices and homes nearby.

Jim’s Pest Control Inner West, experience that counts

Jim’s Pest Control has been servicing the Inner West of Sydney since 2010. As our technicians live locally, they care about what is happening in our community.

As we have seen the rise in population in the area, we have seen as sharp rise in the number of pests. Unfortunately, as population increases in creates more opportunities for them.

The increase in rubbish and overflowing bins is a bonanza for pests. There is enough spilt food to support a heathy population.

Therefore, Jim’s is becoming extremely busy dealing with pests in the Inner West of Sydney. Due to this experience and knowledge we are the go-to experts that locals know, and trust will get the job done.

Apartments provide shelter for birds

With more high-rise apartments being built in the area it has helped birds get established.

Balconies provide the ideal structure and shelter for pigeons. It is surprising how little an area they need to breed on.

One of the most interesting bird call outs we have had, was pigeons building a nest of an outside lounge. These pigeons had decided that the view from the lounge was fantastic and quickly set up home.

The chirping chicks was the first thing that alerted our clients to the pest problem.

When the call came in the technician responded quickly. The chicks were removed, and a plan was put in place to prevent them from coming back.

This plan involved putting in place some bird netting to prevent access. As the mesh was black you could easily see through it and barely noticed it was there.

As a bonus the clients pet cat was now able to safely enjoy the balcony.

Cockroaches love apartment living

Dense housing is the new norm in the Sydney Inner West. High-rise apartments are popping up in what seems like ever suburb.

With apartment living, residents like to keep the temperature constant. Even a cold wet winter’s day, apartments are usually quite warm.

This warmth helps the cockroach population to no end. A nice warm, safe environment is just what a cockroach is looking for.

Avoiding cold conditions which typically slow their growth means they can breed up in significant numbers all year round.

This has led to many apartments being quickly overrun by these pests. Jim’s Pest Control is dealing with such cockroach infestations daily and are the go-to local experts.

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